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CHOIR DYNAMICS- How To See PEOPLE to solve the PEOPLE Problem and Choir Dramas

CHOIR DYNAMICS- How To See PEOPLE to solve the PEOPLE Problem and Choir Dramas

Tommy Tush

Music teams are about people and music. But for now, since robots haven’t been made to replace humans it will be right to say a choir is more about people than music. Why? You need people to create the music. Don’t bother about the music.. Once you have people with the right skill set, they will produce the dopest music. And they will also move the team forward because they are not just great music minds but great personalities with excellent attitude.

There is however a potential problem. Anywhere you have more than one person, there will be FRICTION. It doesn’t matter if the people are individually nice people. Opinions will clash one day, words will be said and interpreted in diverse ways. In fact the more skilled and talented people you have the more diverse the opinions and each opinion will be great in itself.

The ROOT cause of issues is Personality Differences. A choleric MD clashing with SanChlor Soprano singer. A Melancholic bassist in little riff with a Phleg drummer. People start having cliques based on who they flow with the most. Once you’re quiet you begin to shun the talkative. Most of the issues that happen between people in choir comes up because of our how we view one another. I discovered then in the choir that once an idea comes from a particular person, some people relate to that idea based on how they view the person not on how valid the idea is.

Once you have a perception that someone is saucy you treat whatever they do or say from that perspective. Once you feel that someone is proud (even if they are not), even when they say something without meaning any harm you automatically classify the action as a product of their pride. A few years back I discovered that there were little fires coming up among people in my choir. I immediately went to God to seek an enduring answer. This post is a result of what God made me understand.

Now I understand that maturity in the Spirit and in attitude will help solve many issues. But even when all of you are well matured there will still be issues. So what do you do?


This is what God showed me to tell my members. Stop seeing your choir members from the angle of what you dislike about them. Start seeing them from the Prism of what GRACE they carry for the team that you can benefit from. They may not be your kind of person. They may not be handsome and sexy. They may not be tall and slim. They may not fit into your model pulchritude. They may not even be the best singers but the moment you decipher the grace they carry and you relate with them as grace-bearers, everything changes. When they manifest their personalities you will no longer get on the edge. You’ll overlook them and focus on what to tap from them.

Think of it. What would you do if you knew that the Brother X and Sister Y that you always complained about is the person God sent to that choir as a channel for the grace for your next level in music and ministry, how would you relate with them?? I can hear your answer already.

Ask God to reveal the true and real value of the people around you to you. Ask God to show you the grace they carry and who they are.. Then start connecting to what they know and learn from them. Pray for them as well and you’ll begin to see less and less of things to fight on..

May the readers understand.

My name is Tommy Tush, MD Cedars House of Grace, Lekki
I’m the Tall MD wey dey worry Music


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