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An Evening with Sola Allyson in Pictures as she Launched IRI Album

I am not telling you theory o, practical ni! I’ve been there. I’m still being there in other levels. Stories change! And it’s not automatic, you MUST be willing to put in some work and stay through! Your work is not my work because our walks are different but work we MUST!

I know it is not easy, BUT never allow tthe troubles on your way right now take away your enthusiasm!

Step upon step, precept upon precept, you’ll start to see your life changing and getting better. Your friend’s own is more smooth? Ha, ok. You NEED to understand that journeys are different! Your friend(s) paths have been cleared and system put in place by SOMEONE who stayed through. What if you’re the SOMEONE who is to stay through? Your friend’s own is there to let you know it is possible! Divine wisdom we must seek! Look Up and you’ll find help.

In all, me I know, that stories change! Mercy is real. GOD Is, and Is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM in doing HIS Will!

Irithealbum is a blessing, wholesome and balanced. Available on @boomplaymusicng and soon to be on CDs and all other digital platforms

You will rise. You will thrive. #Yóòdáa!❤

ÌMÚSÈ has begun!

ÌRÌ is sèing😀😀



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