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Bishop Oyedepo announces establishment of 1000 Churches in February 2020

Bishop Oyedepo announces establishment of 1000 Churches in February 2020

The Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel has announced that the first 1000 of planned 10,000 churches for year 2020 will be established in February 2020.

He announced that the first 1000 new branches was to say ‘Thank you’ to God for a successful prayer and fasting. Bishop David Oyedepo also stated that the Church would begin screening and employment of those to Pastor the 10,000 new churches on Monday 20th January 2020.

Some 12,000 new staff are to be employed with a wage bill of an estimated N600 million ($1.6 million) monthly wage bill. Living Faith Church was commissioned on 17th September 1983, began its operations in Kaduna on 11th December 1983. The Church started her spread with 5 branches on 20th April 1987 with all branches in Northern Nigeria including Mubi, Azare, Bauchi, Biu and Maiduguri. She spread to African countries in 1994 and had a total of 700 churches worldwide by December 2019. The Church established 5000 new churches within 5 months in 2019.

If the planned 10,000 new churches go through, Living Faith will have about 21,000 churches by the end of 2020 making it the second most widely spread church in Nigeria.

Habakkuk 2:14

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.



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