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Christian or white weddings in our time has been turned to a parade of nakedness. From the bride to the best lady, page girls and some attendees and guests, it is as if there is a breast and laps exposition competition.

Even where wedding gowns are inspected by ministers before wedding, they have come up with the idea of different gowns for church and reception. They say it is the modern trend and those of us complaining are old school. Some ministers and parents also encourage this madness.

The west where we copied the white wedding from has not taken it to the extreme we have gone. Royalty in Britain recently showed us an example of how the bride in a white wedding should appear. The devil keep deceiving the church today with many convenient and trendy attractions and Christians are foolishly marching along the broad way with him.

Beloved, God’s ways remain the same from generation to generation and does not change with time. It is better to be old fashioned than to be fashioned out of God’s kingdom. Jesus will soon come, so be prepared.



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