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‘Faith keeps us free, prayer makes us strong,’ says U.S President; Donald Trump at National Prayer Breakfast

Donald Trump has told hundreds of
religious leaders that his administration will
protect them and their liberty.
Addressing the National Prayer Breakfast
on Thursday, the US President boasted that
his administration had done more for
religion and the unborn than any other as
he urged them to re-elect him this
“We are upholding the sanctity of life —
sanctity of life,” he said.
“And we are doing that like nobody has
ever done it before from this position. You
better get out and vote on November 3rd
because you have a lot of people out there
that aren’t liking what we’re doing.”
He added: “And we’re pursuing medical
breakthroughs to save premature babies
because every child is a sacred gift from
Trump reiterated his commitment to
protecting faith communities and defending
religious liberty, “including the
constitutional right to pray in public
schools,” a promise he made earlier this
week in his
State of the Union address.
Noting the launch of the new International
Religious Freedom Alliance by Mike
Pompeo, he said that his administration
would continue working to protect people
worldwide who are being persecuted for
their faith.
“Religion in this country and religion all
over the world — certain religions in
particular — are under siege. We won’t let
that happen,” he said.
“We are going to protect our religions. We
are going to protect Christianity. We are
going to protect our great ministers and
pastors and rabbis and all of the people
that we so cherish and that we so
Elsewhere, he said that it was faith that
would ensure liberty for Americans.
“All of us here today reaffirm these
timeless truths: Faith keeps us free. Prayer
makes us strong. And God alone is the
author of life and the giver of grace,” he

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