Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Hillsong worship leader who suffered brain aneurysm going home after brain surgery

Chelsea Lee Taylor, the Hillsong worship
leader who suffered a brain aneurysm last
month, is being allowed back home to
continue her recovery.
Emma Fellers, creative administrator at
Hillsong Church, said in an Instagram post
this week that Taylor was well enough to
be released from hospital but still needed
“recovery time at home and continued
Taylor was rushed to hospital soon after
leading worship at the Hills campus
Sunday morning service on 18 August and
underwent a nine-hour emergency surgery.
She was moved out of intensive care days
later but was kept in hospital to continue
In one of the first updates on Taylor’s
condition last month, Hillsong creative
pastor Cass Langton said she was seeing
“miracles in motion” as Taylor responded
positively to the treatment.
“Chelsea pulled the life-support out last
night. She is talking and trying to get out of
bed. Honestly this is a miracle,” she said in
an update posted to Instagram a few days
after the aneurysm.
The medical emergency triggered a wave
of prayer and fasting around the world, and
on September 3, Fellers reported that the
worship leader would not be needing any
more surgery after being given the “all
clear from the surgeon”.
“We spent the morning worshiping before
she went to theatre [operation] and she
can’t wait to share this with everyone …
the kindness of God … and she is so so
grateful,” she said.
In her status update this week, Fellers said
Taylor was now “100% healed, able to walk,
talk, DRIVE”.

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