“Jesus is why i give back”- U.S award winning rapper

Grammy Award-winning artist Chance the
Rapper, whose real name is Chancelor
Jonathan Bennett, was a guest on NBC’s
“Ellen DeGeneres Show” where he declared
that Jesus has inspired him to be a more
generous person.
The famous emcee from Chicago has been
on the promotional circuit giving radio and
TV interviews and during Wednesday’s
episode of “Ellen,” DeGeneres asked why
it’s important for him to give back to the
“My understanding of a lot of stuff is
based on Jesus,” he said.
Aside from his music, Chance is known for
his philanthropy in the Chicago Public
Schools system. In 2015, the rapper and
some of his peers helped raise $100,000
for Chicago schools through the Get
Schooled Program. Last summer, he wrote
a $1 million check to his city’s Public
School Foundation to help support the arts
in the school system.
“Jesus teaches to care for your neighbor
and care for people that aren’t necessarily
your blood, but still a part of your body
because we’re all humans,” he said. “That’s
an impactful thing that I understood more
as I got older.”
Chance also said his parents have been
instrumental in teaching him to help others.
“My parents, since I was young, definitely
instilled into me that when you see people
that are in need, you don’t just want to
pass them by. You want to try and do
something beneficial to help them before
you leave, because that’s your imprint,” he
told DeGeneres.
“So I guess it’s a mixture of my parents
and Jesus,” he concluded in response to
her question.
DeGeneres replied, “Those were good
Chance’s awakening came after he
completed his Grammy Award-winning
album Coloring Book during a time while he
and his then girlfriend-now-wife, Kirsten,
were separated.
During a recent interview with Queen Radio
on Apple Music’s Beats 1 hosted by Nicki
Minaj, Chance got candid and said his wife
“saved” him by abstaining from sex.
“My wife literally saved my life by
becoming celibate and going and getting
baptized,” he said, admitting that before he
witnessed her commitment to faith he
never really knew where his strength came
“This is all after Coloring Book, after I
proclaimed that I love Jesus, and all that
stuff,” he revealed. “You’re never fully, fully
sanctified. So I had to keep figuring it out. I
had to do the Grammy’s by myself. I had to
do a lot by myself. Then when my girl —
who is also the mother of his child — was
gracious enough to have me back, it
changed my whole life.”

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