Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Kanye West is ‘born again’ and being healed through his Sunday Services, says wife Kim Kardashian

Sunday Services, the Christian music
project launched by Kanye West earlier this
year, has been a healing experience for
him, says his wife Kim Kardashian West.
The reality TV star and entrepreneur
elaborated more on what Sunday Service
actually is during an appearance on US
talk show “The View”.
She admitted that there was some
confusion around what the project is, and
explained that it is a Christian service and
“musical ministry”.
She explained that while Kanye had started
Sunday Services as a personal project to
find healing, it gradually turned into
something much bigger that he now
wanted to share with everyone.
“Kanye started this to really heal himself
and it was a really personal thing, and it
was just friends and family,” said
Kardashian West.
“He has had an amazing evolution of being
born again and being saved by Christ.”
She continued: “People always ask, ‘What
are you worshiping?’ It is a Christian
service, like a musical ministry. They talk
about Jesus and God.”
Asked whether preachers were a part of
the Sunday Service, she said that
sometimes Kanye’s preacher friends come
along and speak but the emphasis is on
“When he goes to another church, which he
has, they’ve shown up and done these
surprise little pop-up Sunday Services in
other churches. Sometimes, at the

in Calabasas, he’ll have friends
that are pastors that are in town get up and
speak. But for the most part, it’s just a
musical ministry,” she said.
She added that it hadn’t been registered
with the authorities to make it an official
religious meeting but that it was
nonetheless “for God and it’s a Christian
The next album from West is tipped to be a
collection of gospel songs. Last month,
Kim shared a photo on Instagram showing
a piece of paper with a tracklist under the
title “Jesus Is King”.
Songs on the list included “Baptized”,
“Sweet Jesus”, “Selah” and “Water”, the
latter being a song that West and the
Sunday Service choir performed at the
Coachella music festival over Easter.
The photo teased a release date of
September 27.

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