Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Pastor’s daughter reportedly marries three men, causes stir on social media



A 36-year-old Ugandan woman, Ann Grace Aguti, recently married three men and also has a host of other lovers under her belt as she also chased old husbands away for being ‘mannerless’ –

The woman is currently living with her three husbands who get along very well – Aguti’s father, who is a pastor, called upon all clan members to reprimand his daughter and her three husbands as they tried to raid her home to send them packing – The husbands submit to her and they follow a conjugal duty roster They say the longer we live, the more wonders we see and this English proverb cannot be any more truer if Ann Grace Aguti’s story is anything to go by.

Aguti is from the Teso community, in Uganda, and she has left jaws on the floor after she got married to three men at the same time and lived with them.

“I gave three out of my seven huts to my husbands and they all comply to a conjugal roaster. They get along very well,” she said. Aguti’s life has been a blitz of men and her current trio absolutely adore her despite her having a swarm of other lovers.

Enyaku who was a senior bachelor before marrying the 36-year-old was the first among the current husbands and he is under the impression that he is the woman’s favourite.

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The second husband, Alich, is a widower with 10 adult children who met Aguti after he helped her repair a broken bicycle and one thing led to another and he is now among the husbands. The third man, Oluka, met the lady in very comic circumstances.

“I met my now wife when I was in a nearby swamp grazing cows and she came over, I then jokingly asked her to take me in as her husband and boom! here we are,” said the proud husband. Unfortunately, their happily forever after is under siege after Aguti’s father, evidently aggravated by his daughter’s promiscuity, stormed into her compound with the clan in tow and reprimanded the husbands.

The father, who is also a pastor, asked his sons-in-law to leave his daughter alone. Aguti unflinchingly stood her ground and asked her father to stay away from her marital affairs. Unlucky for the lovebirds, they were overpowered by the clan and the husbands were chased out of their matrimonial home.

They were asked to bring official documents and re-introduce themselves to the clan. They trotted off promising to return with the documents and fight for their wife who is currently six months pregnant…and none of them is sure they fathered the child. Internet users have had a field day with the news and they have reacted on social media. Some people hailed Aguti as a queen while others described her as a legend for her boldness and her move to suppress patriarchy. See some comments below: Hmm…Interesting.

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