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Pope is right now working hand in hand with Islam to create one world religion

This article is both a detailed history
about how all these unity between
Vatican and Islam came about and
facts exposing the striking link between
Catholicism and Islam. It connects to
end time events happening now.
The only reason the Pope claims Islam
is “peaceful” is so that he doesn’t
arouse suspicion
when meeting with their leaders to
create new ways to kill Christians
NOTICE: Hit “F3″ and type in”brothers”
to see how many times the Pope calls
Muslims that kill Christians HIS
(And mention) when the angels said, ‘O
Mary, indeed God gives you the good
news of a word from Him, whose name
will be the Christ, Jesus, the son of Mary,
held in honor in this world and in the
Hereafter, and of those who are near to
God.’ ‘He will speak to the people in the
cradle, and in old age, and he will be of
the righteous.’ She said, ‘My Lord, how
can I have a son when no man has
touched me.’ He said, ‘So (it will be,) for
God creates what He wants. When He
decides something, He only says to it,
‘Be,’ and it is. And He will teach him the
Book and wisdom and the Torah and the
Gospel. And (will make him) a messenger
to the Children of Israel (saying), ‘Indeed I
have come to you with a sign from your
Lord. I make for you out of clay the
likeness of a bird, then breathe into it,
and it becomes a bird by the permission
of God. And I heal the blind and the leper,
and I bring the dead to life by the
permission of God. And I inform you of
what you eat and what you store in your
houses. Surely, there is a sign for you in
that, if you are believers. And (I have
come) confirming the Torah that was
(revealed) before me, and to allow you
some of what was forbidden to you. And I
have come to you with a proof from your
Lord, so fear God and obey me. Indeed,
God is my Lord and your Lord, so worship
Him. This is the straight path.” -Holy
Quran sura 3 ayat 45-51.
Like Rome, the Koran (invented by
Rome) declares Jesus “the Son of
Mary” and NOT the Son of God.
The Church’s relationship with the
“The plan of salvation also includes
those who acknowledge the Creator, in
the first place amongst whom are
the Muslims ; these profess to hold the
faith of Abraham, and together with us
they adore the one, merciful God,
mankind’s judge on the last day.” –
Catechism of the Catholic Church #841
Just as Roman Catholic Emperor
Adolph Hitler hated blacks, the Vatican
controlled Islamic people hate blacks
the great and final day of
redemption, only white faces will be
saved , and all blackened faces will be
condemned. -3 Sur 105,160
I’d like to throw out a few facts that
may paint a picture most are unable to
see simply because it’s happened over
a period of time and we all know about
the short memories of most people. In
fact, the powers that be count on that
as their ace up the sleeve. I don’t want
to comment much on this, as the facts
speak for themselves quite clearly.
Sharing it in this way may hopefully
open some eyes that can be used by the
Lord to warn others. With that said,
notice the following similarities between
Roman Catholicism, and Islam.
Roman Catholics are taught that Jesus
created birds from clay and gave them
life at a river bank waiting for his
mother as she did laundry. (John 2:11
says Jesus’ performed His first miracle
at the wedding in Cana)
Muslims declare in Sura 3:49 Jesus
“created birds from clay.”
Roman Catholic Nuns and Muslim
Womenare Prohibited from showing
their Hair
Roman Catholics and Muslims both
idolize their “holy books.” When droped
to the floor both perform acts of
worship upon them to “make things
Roman Catholics and Muslims both
pray repetitive prayers
Roman Catholics use the rosary (prayer
beads) and Muslims use the Subha
Roman Catholic priests molest
children. Muslims marry girls as young
as 9.
Roman Catholic priests prefer boys to
molest. Muslims prefer boys to rape.
Roman Catholic priests are anti-
woman. Muslims are also anti-women,
and see no sin in killing their daughters
and wives in what they call “honor
Roman Catholic prelates call the
Christian God Allah. We all know that
Muslims call their god Allah.
Roman Catholic prelates preach the
Christian God is the Muslim god.
Roman Catholicism preaches salvation
by works. Islam preaches salvation by
Roman Catholicism preaches eternal
life in Hell. Islam preaches eternal life
in Hell.
Roman Catholicism commands the
wearing of religious items. Islam
commands the wearing of religious
Roman Catholic popes teach Mary
worship. The Muslim Koran has Mary
mentioned 34 times and dedicated two
chapters to her in the Koran. (Chapter 3
= “Family of Marium” and chapter 19 =
Roman Catholics pray to
Mary. Muslims pray to Mary.
Roman Catholics taught to see Mary as
a model. Muslims are taught to see
Mary as a model.
The Vatican admitted on March 12,
2000that the Roman Catholic
church killed Christians and Jews for
1260 years.
Muslims killed 165,000 Christians and
tortured an additional 173,000 in the
year 2009 alone
Many legal
documents and photographic
evidence confirm the Roman Catholic
church helped Hitler kill millions of
Christians and Jews before during and
after World War II.
Muslims are well known for killing
Christians and Jews.
We have known for many decades
that the Roman Catholic church
invented the religion of Islam so as to
use the Muslim people to again kill
Jews and Christians all around the
world once their prophesied mortal
woundwas healed.
Yassir Arafat, a leader of Islam bowed
to the Pope and was photographed
kissing his ringin 2003 proving a deep
seated alliance with Rome was all along
a reality confirming all we have been
preaching was true. (This act also
confirmed many Truth Provided
Newsletter statements and World Wide
Truth Provided Radio broadcasts
regarding the Popes and Islam.)
Christian churches are right now being
fed “Islam lite” messages on pulpits
today even though history shows their
recent activity is more about hatred of
Christians and violence.
Roman soldiers, Vatican priests, Nazi
soldiers, Muslim brotherhood soldiers,
Hezbola soldiers, and Palestinian
soldiers all display the exact
same outstretch arm salute of the
ancient Romans.
In 1968 a Muslim killed Bobby Kennedy,
in 1972 a Muslim kidnapped and killed
Munich Olympians, in 1979 the US
embassy was taken over by Muslims, in
the 1980’s many Americans were
kidnapped by Muslims, in 1983 the US
Marine barracks in Beirut were blown
up by Muslims, in 1985 the Cruise ship
Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70
year old passenger was thrown
overboard in his wheelchair by Muslims,
in 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked in
Athens and a US Navy diver trying to
rescue passengers was murdered by
Muslims, in 1988 Pan Am flight 103
was bombed by Muslims, in 1993 the
World Trade Center was bombed by
Muslims, in 1998 the US Embassies in
Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by
To compare this to Catholicism, see my
old ‘quicky’ and ‘quicky archives’ page
as well as the Newsletter section, or the
other thousands of pages on this site
documenting all sorts of crimes by
Roman Catholic priests over the years.
I won’t comment on, or add to the mix
the September 11 attacks because
there is too much evidence to prove the
USA government did the attack and
blamed Muslims because their bloody
nature. They knew their violent history
allowed them to be used as patsies on
this so as to get the job done. Still, even
with that off the table, do you see a
pattern here?
As history has proven, Hitler was used
by the Vatican to do similar acts so as
to allow the Vatican to assure certain
global laws were enacted that would
benefit them and them alone. As we
look at what Islam has done recently,
and what Rome has done in the past,
and how Rome has been making friends
with Muslim nations the world over, do
we see a pattern emerging? (Notice
how Rome’s “salute” is used by the
Vatican and it’s cohorts to this day) As
we look at many of the laws that have
been passed around the world that help
the Vatican gain power, while at the
same time guarantee Muslim powerful
political benefits, is there any wonder
as to why the man of sin in Rome would
choose to have a Muslim stand as
president in the USA? They did this very
same thing with Hitler, did they not?
Still, since we now know the
Vatican invented the religion of Islam, it
stands to reason they also invented the
Koran. The fact this book contradicts
itself repeatedly in how newer verses
are now taught to supersede older
verses proves it was a work in progress
by man. The true God never has to
change His Word when society changes
due to Satanic influence because truth
is eternal. Lies continually have to be
updated and re-written to keep the
deceived in check. This can also be
seen in Roman Catholic
doctrine wherein it changes over and
over again with each new pope. So the
Koran is going to be no different. And
by the way, were you aware of the
When speaking of the throne of Peter or
the throne the Pope sits on, it says
“when the French soldiers under
General Bonaparte took possession of
Rome, they found on the back of it, in
Arabic, this well-known sentence from
the Koran, “There is no God but Allah,
and Mahomet is His Prophet ” – The Two
Babylons, you will find the following on
Page 213 in Chapter 6, Religious Orders,
Section L .
Another tell tale sign of Vatican
influence is how the Koran prophesies.
Within the Koran’s pages are “so
called” prophecies that can now be
easily understood to actually be
“agenda” rather than prophecies that
were literally penned by Vatican
prelates. For example. In a
Commentary on the Koran we see the
following so called “prophecy.”
“The Hour will not be established
until the sun rises from the West: and
when the people see it, then whoever
will be living on the surface of the earth
will have faith” Bukhari vol. 6 book 60

Notice the logo for Obama’s campaign
on the left here. It depicts the Sun
rising over the ultimate symbol of the
West, the flag of the United States! Is
this why we have so many
pictures and websites speaking of
Obama as Messiah all over the world
now? Is this why we have a Muslim
Mafia in the USA right now? Is this
why the Vatican is helping to spread
tolerance towards Sharia law all across
the globe? Is this why even though
Muslims continue to commit bloody
acts of violence they are still offered all
sorts of benefits in the new world
order that will allow for Sharia law to be
implemented everywhere, and those
that commit such crimes are
completely ignored? One major example
has to be the World Trade Center debris
which was quickly hauled off and buried
to prevent an in depth investigation, as
were the most recent events in Fort
Hood and other crimes of Islam. It’s
almost as if they have a license to kill
today. Is this why Muslims are burning
Christians aliveinside their own
churches around the world without fear
of punishment? Is this why Obama’s
speeches bolster sales of the Muslim
Koran and inspire Islam prayer
rallies almost every time he speaks?
Rome has invented Islam for the very
same reason they invented Hitler’s
3 Reich. In fact, I believe this is
why Yemen’s al-Qaeda is calling for
jihad against Jews, Christians as we
speak. The killing is about to get much
worse than just 165,000 Christians a
By the way, just so you know, Obama is
actually no more a Muslim than he is a
Christian. He is more about the power
aspect of things like anyone else in
D.C. To prove this as fact, like all those
in D.C., he knows bowing to the Pope is
very advantages to his career. Even
Islam itself knows bowing to the Pope
will bless you politically. (Notice
Yasser Arafat bowing to Pope John
Paul II on right) Why else would there
be talk of Obama following after Tony
Blair and others to convert to
Catholicism? Will he do it? Time will
tell. In any event, these leaders are
clearly power crazed, and they know
Rome holds the ultimate key to global
success. Especially since the New
World Order was their baby to start
with. Little do they know their power is
fleeting and it will only last until Rome
burns as ‘real prophecy’ predicts is to
occur very soon. (See Revelation
18:9,18) These political leaders have
been deceived by Satan to think they
can change that prophecy as is evident
in their attempts to violently remove
Christians from the planet. And yes,
that too was prophecied by the way.
It’s called the little time of trouble that
precedes the plagues they are soon to
receive as their just deserts.
Bottom line is this. Prophecy says the
Vatican is home to Antichrist. That
being the case, Rome must be able to
attack Christians all over the world and
force men of all religions to bow to
Satan and receive the mark of the
beast. But the Vatican needs to play
the moral card so as to act as if they
are Christians. This is why they used
Hitler in his day to kill millions of Jews
as well as Christians. This is why they
have altered all the history books they
could reach to hide what they did
during the Inquisitions to 500,000,000
Christians. And this is why they needed
to create a religion that everyone on
earth accepts as being evil and out of
control. Rome can use the Muslims to
do their bidding as they did with Hitler
while at the same time act as if they
are appalled by their acts. This is the
perfect scenario for them to get their
agenda met. They can stand before the
people as moral while killing them and
their children wearing the mask of an
Islamic terrorist.
The stage is set, the players are on
their mark, and the Christians are in the
targets. That being said, are you ready?

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