7 Outstanding things about CAC Church

Find out how the Christ Apostolic Church is different from the rest.

Today, we are looking into Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). We are discovering how this place of worship is different from others.

Here are seven great things that make CAC stand out.

1. It is the first Pentecostal church in Nigeria: With the claim of being Nigeria’s first Pentecostal church, CAC is one of the very few churches that are actually unique. As a major branch of the Aladura (praying or prophetic) movement, CAC was one of the first to be identified by elements associated with Pentecostalism. These include an emphasis on praying, faith and healing. In the beginning, CAC was also known for attacking traditional religious practices, burning fetishes, idols, and healing.

2. The founder is a pioneer: The CAC founder is Joseph Ayo Babalola. He isn’t just the founder, he is also a pioneer in the African independent church movement. Babalola (who lived from 25 April 1904 to 26 July 1959) was also credited with healing powers.

3. Babalola’s call was like something from the Bible: When we hear about the calling moments of preachers, it is usually something interesting. CAC founder’s moment was more than interesting, it was unbelievable, like a story from the Bible. Before he started his ministry, Babalola worked as a steamroller operator under the PWD (Public Works Department). It was while he worked that he heard God’s call. Reportedly, he heard a loud voice saying “Joseph! Joseph!! Joseph!!! Leave this job you are doing; if not, this year you are going to be cut off from the earth.”

This voice sounded like the roar of thunder. It happened by the river Ariran, at about 12 o’clock on 9 October 1928. He was called again on 11 October 1928 to leave his job and start preaching. Wow!!! After praying and fasting, he obeyed the call. This caused him to be sent out of the Anglican Church in his village. Eventually, he was baptized in Lagos lagoon in December 1929.

4. The church went through six names before settling on CAC: At first, CAC was known as the Precious Stone / Diamond Society Okuta Iyebiye. Then, it was named Faith Tabernacle. After a while, the church became Africa Apostolic Church. This name caused problems for them with the Church Mission Society (CMS).

So, it became The Apostolic Church, then Nigeria Apostolic Church, and later United Apostolic Church. The issues didn’t stop because this name created some confusion since an organization called U A C already existed. After some praying, it was finally named Christ Apostolic Church in 1942. The church, under this name, was registered in 1943 under the Federal Government of Nigeria.

5. CAC has 13 Beliefs: CAC has 13 beliefs, which are called tenets. They were originally just 11, but the church added the 12th and 13th in 1940. These include the Trinity, tithe and baptism of the Holy Spirit. The last two are divine healing and faith in God.

6. Each church reportedly has a specific branch name: This is pretty unique, isn’t it?

7. CAC is more than a church: Unlike other churches that restrict themselves to ministry or just one school, CAC is more developed. With an annual growth of about 15,000, the church has one seminary in Ile-Ife, two universities, nine high schools, printing press and more.

These include Bible Training College, Pastoral Training College in Ibadan (1946), School of Prophets and Evangelists at Ilesa (1949), defunct Teachers’ College at Efon Alaaye (1955), Faith Home at Ede (1959). Grammar Schools at Ibadan, Efon Alaaye and Iperu (all in 1960), Ilesa (1962), Akure (1964) and Odo-Owa (1970).

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