Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Adeboye visits RCCG Ogun Province 1, Abeokuta (Photos)

Special Visitation to RCCG Ogun Province 1, Abeokuta.

Topic: Remember me Oh Lord
Text: Genesis 30:22-24.
When God remembers You;

  1. He will hear your Prayers and Answer you. Psalm 65:2.
    That means you must first call on Him. Isaiah 55:6. Psalm 50:14-15.
  2. All the Closed doors become opened. Even if He is the one that closed the door. Rev 3:7.
  3. All Fruitfuless efforts come to an end.
    He sends away every devourer too. Luke 5:1-11.
    4.God takes away every Reproach.
    A Reproach could be any thing that makes people ask “where’s your God?”
    2 kings 5: 1-14
  4. Your Greatness Begins!!
    Racheal gave the child a name; Joseph.
    She was saying My Greatness has started.
    Gen 37:5-11, Gen 41:1-44, Gen 50:15-20.

2 Cor 5:17.
It’s only those that are in Christ that Old things and reproach become passed away.
Come to Jesus now
He’s the only one that can take away your reproach.

Prayer: Father, Please Remember me today.

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