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After he preached, many people dropped their jewel, mobile phones and the money they had on them without his request

After he preached, many people dropped their jewel, mobile phones and the money they had on them without his request.

Others rushed home and brought to the altar their witchcraft pots, charms and guns they used in robbing people pleading for God’s mercy in loud cries. Many who didn’t believe in God fell on their knees in tears and received Christ.
Yet others preached before him and nothing happened.

What did this man preach that stimulated their actions?

He told them “THE TRUTH” concerning their lives in a manner of love which invoked the Holy Spirit to move in them, arrested their consciences and convicted them to change.

Most preachers today are afraid to preach the truth to Christians in fear of losing followers forgetting that Jesus Christ who is the Holy Spirit is the TRUTH and LIFE. (John 14:6)
When you tell the truth to a person about their situations in a manner of love, not judgement and condemnation, there is a move of the Holy Spirit which brings about restoration of life.

It’s the Holy Spirit that causes a person to surrender their life to Jesus not your personal efforts. You may be the most eloquent speaker, dress very beautifully in the most beautiful church, but if your message isn’t backed by the Holy Spirit, LIVES WONT BE TRANSFORMED.
You’ll be leading a dead church living in sin yet excellent at sowing seeds and raising finance.

The satisfaction of a Servant of God shouldn’t come from amount of money raised in church, the accurate prophecies delivered nor the miracles that take place in church, but it should come from the number of people who decide to give up their old ways and follow the ways of Jesus after your message.
Don’t kill yourself trying to look the best or build beautiful churches in order to attract followers or make a name for yourself, but seek the face of God for Power to preach his word and transform lives for his Kingdom and he shall send people naturally to finance your projects in a way you least imagined.
He will send followers to you irrespective of the beauty of your church.

The bible says it’s the truth that sets us free. (John 8:32)

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