Sun. Nov 17th, 2019


The Gospel is not a Lie

Dr Paul Enenche, only Nigerian Pastor at Bill Winston ministries international faith conference

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2019 Bill Winston Ministries International Faith Conference
Theme: Faith that Dominates
Topic: The Forces of Exploits in the Kingdom
Speaker: Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

  • Timidity sustains adversity. You need audacity and ferocity in order to move in the realm of spiritual authority. Spiritual aggression is key to physical possession.
  • Whatever is not a fact in your heart can never become a fact in your life. What you cannot imagine cannot emerge.
  • Exploits are durable results that are time-tested and opposition proof.
  • God is moving you into a realm of record breaking, record setting results! Exploits!
  • Leaders in the Kingdom of God are expected to be people of exploits!

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