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We were about 35 people in that 2 hours service (4th January, 1998). Pastor Adeoye of Royalty Christian Centre shares his story

Exactly 22yrs ago Royalty Christian Centre had her 1st Sunday Service in Agege Local Government Office, Arigbanla Street, Abekoko bus-stop, Agege. We were about 35 people in that 2 hours service (4th January, 1998).
To some people, it seems we are not going to survive one year as a Church. We didn’t have canopy on our head. We had 5 wooden benches and a wooden pulpit (made by a carpenter in Ipaja area). Few months after we started 3 of those benches needed blocks to support them, because they were always kept outside.
When we could afford renting canopy (after more than a year), we couldn’t rent enough that will cover the Pulpit and we were in this location for three and half year. I preached for three and half years under the sun beside the most horrible and stinking dung hill in Agege then.
I kept preaching the Word of Faith with boldness and strong conviction. We were joyful and thankful, despite all the discomfort around us. I have a common phrase that I say always (more often then); “satan, if you think anybody will give-up in this matter. It can’t be me. It can only be you.”
My conviction that God sent me to Agege and reach the whole world, was strong and too visible to be ignored. Close relatives and friends says they always look at me and marveled where I got my Gut from. I believe my Gut is rooted in the integrity of God’s Word.
Since 4th of January 1998, by the Grace of God the best of the bests has been raised from here; best WAEC student Lagos state, best Teacher Lagos state, best Corper Lagos state, best Police Nigeria, best Female Farmer Lagos state, best Cinematography Nigeria, best Decorator Nigeria, best Make-up artist Lagos state, the list goes on.
Several children of top herbalists have become giants in the Kingdom. Thousands who had lost focus and direction have become great leaders in our society. Miracles are normal through the unfailing Word of God.
I am grateful to God for His Faithfulness and Lovingkindness towards us as a Church Family (Worldwide). I know we are not middle-way yet. We still have a long way to go.But I am fully convinced that the Lord who led us from the horrible pit to this place, will take us to our divine destination



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