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The Gospel is not a Lie

Prophet Seer 1 Blast Lady who told him not to request for any seed while praying for her

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The prophet seer 1 who is known for Miracle Money blasted a lady who called from the US for prayer of financial breakthrough. The prophet then requested the lady to sow into her ministry before he could open her financial breakthrough, then the lady told him not to ask for that again that Benny Hinn as renounced prosperity gospel. That was where the fire started..

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Just Nonsense.

A lady called me from USA this afternoon asking me to pray for her business to prosper then I asked her to sow a seed into my ministry and I will open her doors.

Her response was very stupid and unbiblical. Sir didn’t you watch Pastor Benny Hinn denounce PROSPERITY MESSAGES?

So you watched Benny Hinn denounce Prosperity messages and you liked it then you saw his number there, you decided not to call him but choosed to call me?

Benny Hinn denounced Prosperity messages, did he return the money, cars, houses and the gifts that he got from preaching prosperity?

That’s hypocritical.

The bible is very clear on PROSPERITY, give and it shall be given back to you. Anything apart from this is a lie.

If you are stingy towards sowing of seeds, forget about prosperity.

May I also inform you that stinginess is a sign of POVERTY.

I command it out of your life right now in Jesus name.


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