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Prophets are misunderstood for a long time because there is no written theology of the ministry : Prophet Bushiri

Prophets are misunderstood for a long time because there is no written theology of the ministry.
There are 5 types of prophets.

  1. Those who operate from the gift of prophecy –

These who prophesy from the gift perspective prophesy as the Spirit gives them utterance. These types of prophets operate seasonally.

  1. Those who prophesy as a ministry – Ephesians 4 :11

These prophets minister for the perfecting of the saints. Saints are not perfect. Some are given different offices, amongst them we hear of the ministry of prophets.

Apostles touch every area of the body of Christ. Apostles can hold all the ministry folds – prophesy, evangelize, teach and pastor. They are there to provide coverage for all the ministries. Represented by the thumb!

The evangelists must go out and preach. The middle longer finger represents them to reach out. Pastors must love, and care for the flock. Represented by the finger after the longest one. The teacher must help us understand. Represented by the last short finger. The index finger is for the prophets! These use wisdom and knowledge, they can deliver

  1. Prophets as Prophets – Those who operate as prophets

These are the ones that the Bible says behave as prophets but they are not.

  1. Prophets as an office—John, Jonah, Isaiah. They have one message.
    These prophets come and deliver one word Jonah came to tell people to repent. Isaiah came to tell the world to return to God. John came to prepare the way of the Lord.

5 Prophets who are called – 2 Sam 1, 2,3.

These are set apart and born to do the work of prophecy. They do not need to fast or prepare – they can just wake up and prophesy. Samuel and Elijah did not carry the message of salvation. The Prophet has a particular mission for which he is sanctified.

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