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The Gospel is not a Lie


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The hearing ear has nothing to do with the prophetic office. It is when God washes your ear and grants you access to His voice for your life. This puts you in the point of advantage. Access to the voice of God is paramount.

Wherever the voice of God is, that where His power is. Your spiritual investment only counts if only you have the hearing ear.

The higher you go in God, the more desperate you should cry for the hearing ear…

The gift of prophecy is not the same with the hearing ear. This is why even prophets have issues hearing God for themselves.

Just because a man is prophesying and dispensing mysteries does not mean he has access to the hearing ear.

A perfect example are the midwives who helps others deliver babies, yet they themselves must be helped to deliver. For some, you wonder why they find it difficult to give birth…Proof is how Elisha dead bones raised a dead man back to life. Why doesn’t he raise himself to life?

One of the unsearchable mysteries of Christ is the grace to hear God on all matters.

The voice of God will always come with a spirit of faith. Its impossible to hear God and remain on your backs. God speaks, but He is not always speaking. If He is always speaking, why are we who are made in His image not always talking…

There are many voices in the realm of the spirit. Spiritual impulses, impressions, perceptions and knowings are not the same with the voice of God.

There are tongues of men, there are tongues of angels, there are voice of spirits and demons, and there is the VOICE OF GOD.

I learnt this from DR D.K. OLUKOYA many years ago when he said that one of the greatest things you can cry to God for is the hearing ear.

Do all that is necessary to posture yourself to be able to hear the voice of God…

The problem is that many people are not spiritual enough to get to that realm where they can hear the voice of God…

When God speaks, you stop being responsible for what He has said. He is God all by Himself.

He can do anything anyway He wants to. There are times He parts the sea, there are other times He says walk on it…you must be current to hear what He is saying.

We must cry for God to teach us to hear His voice…

When you hear God, you can seat in the midst of fire that is roasting people all around and yet you are unharmed because you are seating on the Voice of God.

This issue of the hearing ear is critical. It is a grace we all must cry for. Fasting and prayer does not equate hearing God. Jesus must gift you this grace. It’s like earphones plugged to your ears…

Many people are victims of the lack of hearing. Many have missed divine blessings due to the inability to hear God.

Hearing God on all matter is paramount. Please hear God on who to marry o…if God plans four children and you give birth to seven, you will cater for the remaining three…

Just because the process is easy doesn’t mean it is God. Many times, the devil can give you favour to destroy you. That you easily got a visa might mean you are journeying from grace to grass…

It is very clear that your life is the way it is because you have not learnt to hear God. When you start hearing multiple voices, you are not hearing God. When you are confused, shut things down and desist from making decisions. Wait UNTIL you hear…

Most people who get into trouble ignored the voice of God consciously at some point. This is true for marriage, ministry and destiny.

There are some of you who must go back tonight and shut down many things in your life because you acted without divine direction. There is nothing wrong to find out if you thought it was God, but you must make amends fast.

Be careful, because not everything good is God. You don’t jump into things because it feels good. Be sure He is the one leading…

Peace is a language in the Spirit. It is a system set by God to bail men out of traps. Don’t joke or toy with your peace. You will save yourself alot of trouble if you learn to hear…

Hearing God is one of the mysteries by which Kings rise in the Kingdom. The strange order of lifting some men enjoy is a product of this mystery of the hearing ear…

*Your future is at the mercy of your hearing. Access to wisdom is tied inextricably to the voice of God.

*A man’s yesterday would become better than his tomorrow if he stops hearing God.

Cry to God…cry for the hearing ear. It might be basic, however, it is one the unsearchable riches of Christ!!!

Source : Gospel Connect.

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