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After 12 suitors, God blessed this 44 year old military woman with the husband she desired after she followed divine direction

After 12 suitors, God blessed this 44 year old military woman with the husband she desired after she followed divine direction.

Praise the Lord!!!!
I have come to return the glory to the God of Healing and Deliverances that never lies, never fails. Last month, my name was Faith Odudu but now my name is Mrs Faith Oganya Ekechara. I have come to return this Glory.
Last year, posting brought me down to Abuja, I’m an Airforce personnel, as a nurse. Somebody invited me here last year, I started attending ‘Healing and Deliverance’.
I come from a polygamous family, that they never marry. I am the only child of my mum, all my siblings got married. The more I pray for marriage, the harder it becomes.
Immediately I started attending ‘Healing and Deliverance’, (for 44 years). I now told God, “If actually you’re the God of this ‘Healing and Deliverance’, settle my case”. I started attending, I always hear people – Daddy (Dr Pastor Paul Enenche) is always appearing to them. Anytime I get back, I say “God, have mercy on me. I just want to pray that God, use the face of your servant to appear to me”.

Around June last year, Daddy appeared to me in the dream, God used his face. I was on night duty, he now tapped me, “Faith Oganya, I said Sir – I stood up. He said ‘that thing you are crying for, repeat 21 days fasting and prayers, then that challenge will be over. I said – is that all, He said Yes, PEACE”. I woke up from sleep. Immediately, I prayed over it, I started the 21 days fasting and prayer. Immediately I finished the 21 days fasting and prayers, I started thanking God: 31st to 1st. I now asked God, ‘I don’t know what to do’, He said ‘total dedication and obedience’. Then I now said “God, since I cannot fight this battle, THE WHOLE OF MY SALARY THIS YEAR I GIVE IT TO YOU – but how I am going to eat? I don’t know. But fight this battle for me, Enough is Enough”.

January, I dropped my salary;
February, I dropped my salary;
March, I dropped my salary;
April, I dropped my salary.
On 26th, my husband called me, my husband-to-be called me.
We have never met and he is the 13th suitor that came to stay. He called,
He said: Are you Faith Oganya Odudu,
I said: Yes.
He now called his name, I said: but I don’t know you.
He said: You will know me very soon
I now traveled home, not knowing that he is just 6 buildings in between our house, (that is my maternal side). Because in my Father’s side they said “You, being the first daughter, you’re meant to remain in the house. I trained all my younger ones, all my siblings and are all settled down but I never settled down”. If there is anything, instead of calling my ‘senior’ brother, they would call me – I would settle the case.
Then I traveled in April, immediately I came back, 1st week of May, I met with my husband, he came with his brother. The very day he stepped to my place, he said my marriage is 10th August. I was even looking round, I said: Your wedding
He said: Yes
I said: Congrats
I never knew I am the one. Praise the Lord!!
I now told God, “If you should do this for me, I don’t know how I am going to thank you, but 1 thing that I know – God show yourself”.
Like a joke, I was not even prepared. The next thing I will see, he brought cards, he sent, (he brought our wedding cards down). I now brought it to ‘Healing and Deliverance’, I laid it on this altar because once anybody tells me or approach me ‘we are going to marry’, once I send message home, that is the end of that marriage. That is the end of that marriage.
Then this one, I said my stomach (here), even though you want to force me to say it, I will never say it. We’ve finished arranging everything, I did not disclose the news to any of my father’s house because that is where the problem is coming from. I hid it, 2 weeks to my marriage, that is when I called. Immediately I called, the only person that remained in our house, my father’s sister:
She said ” ‘Ehen’,
I said, Yes ma,
She said: Till then”.
As God would have it, I left here on the 10th, Today is my one month anniversary.
I have come to return the glory to the God of ‘Healing and Deliverance’ that never lies.
On the 10th of last month, people thought that it’s not going to pass. Some people paid transport to come and see, whether it is true. I did not spend 1 naira neither my husband for our preparation, for our marriage. Some people took it upon their selves to do everything and at the end of the marriage (wedding), the money that remained I used it to buy land to remember this GOD.
I have come to return all GLORY TO GOD. I married at the age of 44 years. And I have come to say THANK YOU JESUS: that never lies, that never disappoints. All my hope was lost, they mocked me in my working place – “this your God, when is He going to answer you”. In my father’s house, among my siblings, people that I trained – they were mocking me. Today, my marriage in my village, (there is no marriage), to the point that that the king announced that nobody should go to anywhere. The crowd was much, that I cannot explain. Instead of doing it in my father’s house, we did it at the field, open field, that is where we did the marriage (wedding). everybody is saying we have never seen this kind of marriage…. I have come to return all glory.
I told my Father’s sister: Of a truth, God has answered me. I have come to say BABA, THANK YOU.

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