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If you want more money from your man or you want to turn your stingy husband into a super generous, lavish giver who never says NO to your demands, here are the simple things you can do to pratically turn your husband into an ATM machine that spills out money at your beck and call:

  1. DO NOT WASTE HIS MONEY: No man likes to see his hard earned money wasted on frivolities. If you don’t to how to keep money, he won’t give to you.
  2. LEARN TO MULTIPLY MONEY: If you are a good investor who knows how to turn #500 into #1000, your husband sees you as a good investment, a great asset and a wife worth spending his money on -he knows you will multiply it.
  3. YOU ARE GENEROUS: Especially to his family members. He knows you won’t hoard his money so he is very eager to give to you.
  4. YOU ARE NOT TOO DEMANDING: He knows you are not selfish; he eagerly gives to you.
  5. YOU PRAISE HIM: Praise turns a man on like no other. If you want your man to lose his senses and empty his pockets, just praise him -it works like fire!
  6. GIVE HIM SEX: See, sex is important to your man. Just as you need money to look good, he needs quality sex to feel good. When you give him sex exactly how, when, where, for how long and anyway he wants it, he will empty his bank accounts for you. When a man gets sweet, delicious, hot and satisfying sex from his wife he becomes possessed with her love. He lost sight of other ladies and will do anything to please her including breaking his bank account to make her happy. Give him delicious sex for one week and make your request, he can’t say no.
  7. YOU ADMIRE HIM: If you genuinely tell him you admire the way he works hard for you and takes care of his family, he will give you more.
  8. YOU RESPECT HIM: A man can die for a woman who treats him like her father, king, hero,President, Emperor, Lord and the captain of her heart. His money automatically become yours.
  9. YOU ARE OBEDIENT: That gives him peace of mind. He can entrust his entire account to you because he knows you won’t spend money on anything he does not approve.
  10. YOU ARE HONEST: One of the ways you can tell your husband he is stupid and blind is to inflate school fees and price of things -nothing enrages a man like his wife taking him on a fool’s ride. Honesty makes you trustworthy, lies make you undependable and unreliabe. Learn to be truthful and honest, he will entrust his money in your hands.
  11. MAKE HIM YOUR LOVER: Love him like mad, like crazy. Fall madly in love with him. Make your husband your super lover, boyfriend and hearthrob. Lavish love on him, love him wastefully. Be hot, romantic and passionate. When a man is genuinely loved by his wife, he entrusts his very life including his account in her hands.

Alright. Those are the tips. Go work on them and see your husband spend lavishly on you. With God, anything is possible. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele.



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