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The Gospel is not a Lie


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WHY MEN RUN AWAY: Ever wondered why you find it hard keeping a man or being in a fulfilled relationship. It’s my belief it could be any one of the following reasons.

  1. You talk about marriage right of the bat: 70% of guys just want to hit and run. The serious ones want to get to know you. Get to know uncle first.. enjoy the friendship, don’t start talking about how you’d like to get married, or where.. act aloof about it. Let him bring it up and don’t fall bait to guys who bring up the ‘I want to marry you’ from day 1. They usually use it to get into your bra and pant because they sense you are desperate. Remember every word should be tested. The line ‘ that’s nice, I don’t plan to have sex before marriage usually separates the wheat from the chaff’
  2. Your Whatsapp status always has quotes like ‘ when your friends are getting married, having babies and building families don’t feel bad, your time is coming’.. we Men want to feel like human beings not an excuse for a wedding or a sperm donor. It also makes you look desperate. You can say this in person to your fellow single friends .. however as a married woman NEVER say this to a single woman, it is patronising
  3. You ask for stuff: Credit, phone, food, a car.. maybe a kiss is allowed. Grind on your hustle and get your own stuff! Most men these days ask themselves what a woman is bringing to the table when they want to settle down. Put some respect on your name!
  4. You give up your body really quick hoping it will lock him down: This is the craziest myth.. sex will keep a man. Babe.. it will just increase your mileage and he will use you as practice till his ideal woman comes along.
  5. You are in a relationship with your career: career is great, but even the busiest women make time out for their personal lives. No matter how busy you are, deliberately make out time.. a few minutes of calls in the evening, a text saying I’m thinking about you.. imagine how sexy it is when your woman is a top flight executive and from her private jet flying over the Swiss alps sends a text message as she does same time everyday… ‘30,000 ft altitude.. thinking about you’.. You are definitely a keeper. The truth is if you don’t communicate you probably don’t care so much.
  6. Your exes keep on showing up in your life: faux pas. This is definitely a no no. Lot’s wife turned to salt when she looked back. Are you salt?
  7. You have quite a few male friends who compete with him for attention: Nothing wrong with friends but ‘ere wo ni aja b’Ekun se?’ Ask your Yoruba friends to interpret. The elders have spoken
  8. You gossip, not the interesting, juicy type couples share.. the insidious type where you tear people down: No matter how pretty you are.. You look ugly when you do this
  9. You move into his house real quick: Even if he gives you his spare key ..don’t do this. Most guys just want ‘In house p..@y’
  10. You visit his house, cook, clean, wash his clothes and his brothers clothes and sweep the whole place, maybe even clean the gate:
    By all means, wash the plates if you guys eat.. but you are not his cook or house maid.
  11. You buy him boxers for his birthday: The trait of a lazy girlfriend who can’t think out of the box.. You should know what he really needs.. never ask.. just listen.. for all you know if he’s in America and always says he craves ‘baba dudu’ .. ship it in for his
  12. Your friends are .. one kind.. dodgy..: your friends are the loud, lousy types.. Babe nobody wants his future home to become idumota market
  13. You drink/smoke like a sailor: or the Shrine
  14. You smoke weed: add the Shrine
  15. Your religious views differ: This is overlooked but the older one gets the more religious they become. A Muslim guy who is moderate today might become tebliq as he gets older. The Christian girl you see today might become Deeper Life tomorrow. Never underestimate this.
  16. You eat like you have no food in your house: Please don’t embarrass your generation, when you dine out. Eat like you have seen food before. Have self control and eat small portions. Nothing as bad as a guy telling his friends.. ‘The girl just dey eat like pig’.. usually when he asks ‘have you had enough?’ It is a signal to ease up
  17. You flirt: why would you even do this? You don’t have any self respect? Babe you don’t need validation from every man
  18. You dress like an olosh*: have your dress sense but as a grown woman look classy. There’s a reason why Posh Spice got the best guy and kept him
  19. You wear way too much make up and dress a little too loud: refer no 18
  20. You are lousy: Clumsy can be cute but try to add small poise
  21. You act desperate: You are a Queen, the world is at your feet. Your womb brings life.. They should bow down to you.. why are you falling your own hand? The way dogs smell fear. Men fear desperation and move in for the kill..
  22. You don’t seem to have a focus in life, and act like marriage will solve all your lives problem: You have no plans for career growth, not working to get your money up and improve your life. My dear marriage is not a miracle. You will just become an irritating liability
  23. You don’t seem to have a relationship with God: As much as we want a good,bad girl (legends will understand) .. Every man wants a woman who can pray for him and raise his kids right.
  24. You are proud: You look down on people you feel are beneath you. You talk down on parking attendants, waiters, house maids etc..these things don’t go unnoticed.

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