Communication Within The Home

Let me first say here that, prayer is essential to the success of a home, but it is insufficient on its own. A couple can kneel down from today till tomorrow praying for a good home and it will all be wasted effort, except they find out what they need to do to enjoy success and apply themselves to doing it.
Communication is the art of carrying on a meaningful conversation and it is meant to be two-sided and stimulating. In the home, communication is to be an avenue of sharing feelings and resolving differences, thereby keeping your relationship on a steady course.
No matter how effectively you communicate with your spouse and family members right now, you can improve on it. There is always a better way of doing whatever you are doing.
Lack of communication in a family is the reason for so much tension in many homes

Communication must first be one-on-one, between the man and his wife, and then other members of the family. That responsibility cannot be shifted to God. He will not leave heaven to come to your home and speak to your wife or your children on your behalf. It is a non-transferable responsibility!

To experience free-flow communication with your spouse and family, you must first develop good communication with God, and it can be through a prayerful lifestyle, worship and thanksgiving.
Communication can be verbal or non-verbal.

Wrong use of your tongue and gossips are things that can corrupt communication which can rob a family of bliss; therefore, ensure they are avoided.


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