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Hello! Men and Women

What do you think of someone’s appearance? Can your appearance announce you or denounce you.

It is true that men are attracted by what they see. But, will the ladies die due to the seven colours of rainbow on ‘brother A’ outfit. See brothers, your appearance matters and determines if she will accept you or not. Look, I’m not being carnal here, but these are essential rudiments that have being swept under the carpet, just for the name ‘don’t sound too carnal.

To be honest most men and women who hide under the umbrella of financial constraints to dress outrageously needed nothing but teaching on dress sense. It could possible be that you don’t know how to dress even with the little you have, sir, ma, humble yourself and learn.

Most men concentrate on how she dresses. You are usually elated when she comes around because apart from the real beauty, which is her character she also have an innate or acquired skill on dress sense. You wish to display her for everyone to see. But, do you know if she is proud to show you to all and sundry.

Wait, have you asked yourself, does she wish the same. It is pathetic but most sisters often find it difficult to give a brother a response on marriage request even when God must have given his approval. The reason is your dress sense is something else.

Hello! No matter the level of your penury state, there is a dress that is meant for you. Get hold on that and dress well in it.

Brothers and Sisters listen, there are things you can’t change: your colour, race, family, background, e.t.c However, you can change your character, personality and dress sense and mindset e.t.c. How can you wear purple tie on a yellow shirt and a blue trouser with a brown shoe…….excuse me are we on riot?

Learn to dress even from the little you have. If you do not know how to dress from the little you can afford; how to match outfits, even if you have the world as a closet you will still lack dress sense.

Wait oooo, it seems I’m addressing brothers here. Sisters, beloved sisters in the Lord, we know you are frugal by nature or nurture. Nevertheless, that should not be an excuse to carry a hair style or your hair for months without a wash. It is sad to say, but l have come in contact with ladies whose hair emit repellent smell.

Probably, you don’t have the money to braid your hair, loose the former, wash your hair and use your hair for the interim. Abi to plait hair na by force? So why you come plait the one wey go dey 3-6 months wey go smell well well. The kind smell wey go make even the brother wey wan propose say ‘will you marr………….. I mean will you make time for prayers this Friday.

Godliness is next to cleanliness. Be clean in your thought and be clean outside.

Chinaza Bende



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