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The Husband who prays after sex



He had his climax and she had her orgasm.

Both of them believers, they had done it missionary.

He slid to his side of the bed catching his breath. She had that after glow on her face.

With his warm, sweaty arms he held her tight, kissed her lips and began to pray.

“Thank You Lord for the gift of marriage, thank You Lord for the sweet gift of sex. Thank You for sexual pleasure, love making and intimacy.

Lord thank You for my beautiful wife. Thank You because You are here each night, witnessing what happens in our bedroom. When we moved into this house, we dedicated this bedroom to You.

Behind these walls, we pray that what You witness in our conversations and love making pleases You. We pray we can see the God in each other.

We pray that we will keep our marriage bed honourable and undefined. We pray that faithfulness will have Your signature in our marriage.

Lord, sex and infidelity has caused many men to break their marriage. Keep me from ever following that route. Keep my eyes fixed on You and my wife’s beauty.

Lord, there is no other woman I’d rather be with than the wife You gave me. You have told me to enjoy the wife of my youth, make me creative to enjoy her fully. Teach us to satisfy each other’s sexual and emotional needs.

Lord, my body is hers. Keep me from ever giving it to another woman to enjoy. Let this body of mine that is hers quench her appetite whenever she is in need. Lord, You say that the husband who loves his wife loves himself; I love my wife and I thank You for the fire we have together. Keep our marriage bed warm even in our tough times. Make me the best husband to her privately and publicly. I love her for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, AMEN”

He kissed her lips again.

She looked at him with eyes of wonder as she smiled. Her eyes fixed on him as she kept silent for a few seconds.

“Why do you love praying after we make love? You pray for my body, you cover me; why honey?” she asked.

He relaxed on his back, placed her head on his chest and said, “Because our love making is so special and sacred to me. People pray for what is special to them. While other marriages are messing up due to the abuse of sex, I want our marriage to thrive because of how we respect love making”

She kissed his chest and said, “I love you so much”

He kissed her hair and said, “I love you too, I love us”

© Dayan Masinde



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