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This thought kept burning in my heart all day and I just had to share it with a war wife out here who can relate to this feeling…

It may look easy standing in the gap for your man, but as you grow into the deeper understanding of an intercessor that you are , you will begin to understand that standing in the gap for your kingman in prayers is just one half of the assignment, which most times comes easy. The other half of the gap-filling assignment is how you would have to keep conforming and resharping your character to fit into the requirements of the gap. This I must say is not the easy part.

I mean…..

I know that I will have to keep making the effort to be the first one to apologise if I want my prayers for him to make any sense to God.

I know that I have to preapprove him for forgiveness in advance, even while I wait with a hurting heart for his apology to come later.

Please show me that I can do this Lord, show me that I can carry this weight.

The weight of listening to respond in love rather than listening to attack in revenge.

The weight of having to always understand his forgetfulness even when I know he can do better to remember our important dates.

The weight of never to direspect his headship even at those moments when he least deserves my respect and submission.

The weight of always putting his needs above my own wants.

The weight and consciousness of having to look beautiful for him and him alone.

The weight of having to remind him to sun his smelly shoes and fold his draws neatly into the wardrope.

Teach me how not to get him mad all the time Lord.

It is one thing to stand in the gap, and another thing to fit into the gap you are standing in. Teach me daily to carry this weight.



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