There is A MAN for Every WOMAN!

There is A MAN for Every WOMAN!

You don’t have to strip naked on the street for him to feel your love.

Most times, you don’t get through love by ass-licking a man.

You don’t get true love by washing his clothes, working, sweeping, cleaning 🧹 from Mon-Sun.

If you both are for compatible, love and care for each other even with your flaws, everything will workout like MAGIC.

If he loves you, nothing can change his mind/love for you not even his parents or family members decisions can temper with his decision.

It’s been three years Lizzy got married to the man after her heart on wheelchair. They dated for years before marriage. They are blessed with a beautiful baby girl who has tuned one. Happy anniversary to them.

Love is sweet.
Marriage is sweet too 👌❤️

I hope you draw strength from these photos.


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