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Posted by on June 25, 2020 — Drop A Comment


Satan booo

-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

*We are gradually closing up on completing our 2000 new churches for this quarter. They will be completed before this month is over in the name of Jesus Christ, to the shame of the devil

*10,000 new churches ordained by God shall be planted this year, to the shame of the devil.

We had 432 of our new converts who came with 705 individuals making 1,137


  1. Miracle job via Kingdom advancement endeavours: After I completed my National Youth Service, I believed God for a miracle job but no job was forthcoming. So when ‘Operation Rescue 2015’ was announced, I keyed fervently into it. I engaged in soul winning passionately and rigorously. I also participated in the night prayers daily, praying Kingdom Advancement prayers with all heart. I practically forgot about my own needs. God showed up for me. Some of my contacts came to Church, they got saved and they had encounters with attendant testimonies. So, on the 20th of September, 2015 being Sunday, around 7:30 am, I received a text for a job interview on a referral which I know nothing about up till now.

I went for the interview and out of a more than 100 candidates that I met there, I, a young girl of just 22 without any working experience was given the job. It came with a mind blowing salary beyond my expectation and also an opportunity to travel to any part of the world with members of my family. I have come to thank my Father, the Almighty God for making Matthew 6:33 a reality in my life. To Him alone be all the glory.

(From E. Sunday)

Father, thank You for another beginning of a working week.

Let all things work together for good, for your people this week.

Let all things work together for good, for your people in their family this week.

Let all things work together for good, for their businesses and careers this week.

Let every step taken by everyone this week produce results.

Let every contact made for salvation this week yield fruits and thank You Jesus. In Jesus Precious name.

It’s common knowledge that every harvest left on the field stands a risk of being devoured by the birds of the air. That’s why farmers build barns to keep their harvest away from the fouls of the air. You leave them by the way side, you won’t find anything when you come tomorrow. The birds will travel across continents to come and enjoy a free feast.

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We serve an ingathering God. He said: he that gathers not with me, scatters (Matthew 12:30).

It’s also common knowledge that until the farm produce gets to the store house, a farmer is not entitled to a pay. So you get your harvest, if you have a Cocoa plantation, like they have Cocoa houses here with us in the South West, you harvest your Cocoa, prepare it and carry it to the store house, they weigh it and pay you. They don’t pay you for what is coming, they pay you for what has come.

That’s what the Word says in John 4:36. There is an ingathering that completes the soul winning endeavour. Like we all know, the Church is God’s spiritual store house (Malachi 3:10). The Church of Jesus is God’s store house where devourers are kept at bay, where the fowls of the air cannot tamper with the destiny of the redeemed. Where our harvest is preserved.


  1. God works salvation in the midst of His people in Church (Zephaniah 3:17). We bring them to Church, to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant to save them. He works salvation in the midst of the earth (Psalm 74:12).

Why must we be committed to the ingathering of souls into Church? From the testimony we heard this morning, she brought them to Church and they got saved. 22-year-old girl, they now gave you a job that entitles to travel around the world with your family. You are not ready for a family yet.

  1. God satisfies believers with the goodness of His house as made available in Church. The Church of Christ is called the House of the Living God. He told Timothy, that you may know how to behave yourself in the house of the living God which is the Church of Christ.

Psalm 132:13-16. From no job to an international job at the age of 22, out of 100 people, no experience – favour is superior to experience!!

From victory to victory, from glory to glory.

Psalm 65:4 – He satisfies us with the goodness of redemption in His House, that’s why we must be committed to the ingathering of souls into Church for their salvation and then for their decoration.

Access to their redemptive provisions.

  1. The Church is the city of refuge for the Redeemed: Obadiah 1:17 – that’s the picture of the city of refuge we have in the old testament (Joshua 20:2-3, 2 Samuel 7:10). Bringing them to the Church is bringing them under a covering against all satanic assaults. We serve an ingathering God so we must partner with Him and enjoy the blessing thereof (Zephaniah 3:18-19). Our gathering unto Jesus is for our decoration, the termination of our challenges. Thank You Jesus.
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Therefore, get connected, get committed, stay dedicated to the demands of ingathering of souls that this prophetic season demands. We are in for the best of time.




102 New Churches planted across 6 states yesterday and it is ongoing Amen. The 10,000 Churches ordained of God this year to be planted shall be planted, satan boooo 😜😝😋.

Praise God.

My outreach team was out last week and He gave us a bountiful harvest yesterday:

1,137 souls that came to our various centres from the harvest of 1 week. Amen.

We had 432 of our new converts that came with 705 making 1,137.

Don’t let any devil this week, this is your year of Dramatic Change of Story.

Stay Connected, Stay Connected and Stay Dedicated.

So, there are tempting hours…, but “you continue with me, I will appoint you a kingdom”, that’s what Jesus said (1 Corinthians 10:13, Luke 22:28-29).

2 Timothy 4:2

Can anybody lock down your mouth, there will be a revolution. That they padlocked your mouth: you shall not speak, or you shall not eat: No

Preach the Word – there are ‘out of season’ seasons, ‘out of order’ seasons. It’s the kind of season we are but He said keep doing what I tell you to do, in season and out of season because in your obedience lies your enthronement.

Revelation 3:10-11

That’s the kind of thing we are in:

  1. Virus
  2. Everybody off balance except the Church: I can’t tell tens of thousands that gets saved every week. That’s how much lock down we are seeing.

It’s your season of opportunities, don’t make excuses. No excuse is tenable for non-delivery in this season.

The kind of strange appointment that my daughter got (documented testimony) at the age of 22 is awaiting too many people.

That they will be calling you forth. Favour will be speaking in your favour.

That’s to show how committed God is to ingathering of souls so as to prevent them from the assault of the wicked one. We are all involved to ensure none is left at the mercy of the devil but they are gathered into Church, compelling the wandering sheep to return, gathering them back home

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Ezekiel 34:7-12, 17-22; Luke 15:4-7).

Stay Committed, Stay Dedicated: It’s your season of supernatural change of story.

Can you see how your Church is dealing with the hour of temptation: 102 new Churches planted yesterday Sunday.

We are in for the best of time.

We are closing up gradually on 2,000 out of the 10,000. The 2,000 will be completed before this month is over in the name of Jesus Christ, to the shame of the devil.

Until you can lock down the Sun, you can’t lock down the Church. The Church of Christ is the global centre of solution to the issues of mankind.

You’ve been hearing more and more testimonies of the acts of God, they are not fabricated. The testimonials are all around, we have their contacts.

Something is breaking forth in your life.

Ask God for grace to be active in this Prophetic Ingathering season!

It’s enough to see souls won, we must work and see them preserved by bringing them into God’s store house where they are treated for preservation.

There are some wines that are 200-year old, 250-year old because of the process that took place in preserving them. I am 51 years young in the faith; I’m bouncing by the grace of God and it multiplies by knowledge. So, bring them to Church, so they can increase in knowledge and increase in grace and stay on for life.

As at the last count we had 104 testimonies of corona virus healed with evidence from across 15 nations. Those are the ones that reached out to us. A large number of them are health workers that would have died in trying to help others to live but Jesus saved them. One of my daughters was laying hands as health worker on corona virus patients and they say one contact equals infection – they tested her: NEGATIVE. She said corona virus has no power on the Redeemed because we are talking of eternal life, you are talking of human life, they are two different levels. My people call it ‘aje sara’ (something you eat inside). Amen.

Eternal life means divine nature, divine nature is incorruptible.

So, for everyone that is challenged by any terminal disease, I command your instant rescue because you have eternal life.

You share divine nature with God and it is incorruptible no matter who is angry, you are free.

No one in your family will be a victim!

No terminal disease shall have a place in your home!

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