3 Things God Does When He Wants To Bless You And Increase Your Ranking In The Spirit – Apostle Joshua Selman

The blessings of God are for everyone who believes in him and it is quite understandable that some people will receive more blessings than others. Elijah the prophet and David the king were favorites of God but they received His blessings in different ways. While Elijah was raptured, David died. Though, they both got to heaven but in different ways. However, Apostle Joshua Selman reveals three things that God does when he wants to bless you and increase your ranking in the spirit. It is very important that we grow in spirit and it is only God that is capable of giving us that growth. The three things are:

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1. He Enlarges The Spiritual Border Of Your Grace

This is sufficient for everyone but it is quite obvious that some people’s Grace is greater than others. So if God wants to bless you and increase you in the spirit, he enlarges the spiritual border of your grace and makes you do things that you could not do before in the spirit. You become enlightened about certain mysteries and the growth in your spiritual life will transcend to the physical.

2. He Multiplies The Grace And Oil That Is Upon Your Life

There was grace in the life of David when he was a shepherd boy but when Samuel met him and anointed him, the grace multiplied and he was able to defeat a Lion, a Bear, and even Goliath. When God wants to bless you and increase your ranking in the spirit, he multiplies your grace and makes you do things that people will marvel at.

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3. He Sends A Greater Backing Of Resources To You

Another thing God does when he wants to bless you and increase your ranking in the spirit is to send you a greater backing of resources. He gives you greater resources that hasten your development and increase you in spirit.

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