3 Valuable Lessons from Queen Sheba and King Solomon

3 Valuable Life Lessons Learned from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked him what he wanted (1 Kings 3:1-5). This dream served as the impetus for the narrative of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon. Before anything else, Solomon gave thanks to God for being so loyal to David. He was also grateful to Solomon for having him succeed his father as king. Then he sheepishly stated that he is just a kid who has no idea what he’s doing as president. In order to effectively lead his people, Solomon prayed to the Lord for wisdom and insight. Because the Lord was delighted with Solomon’s request, he granted him the wisdom he had sought. However, He also bestowed upon him wealth and prominence, something he had not specifically requested. And the Lord promised Solomon a long life if he would continue to follow and obey His precepts.

Because of this, King Solomon took over Jerusalem with a plethora of intelligence, not to mention acclaim and wealth. Leaders everywhere took notice of this.

Where Do We Find Out About Solomon and the Queen of Sheba?

According to 1 Kings 10, the Queen of Sheba was aware of Solomon’s greatness. She came to witness the site for herself, but she also had challenging questions to put to Solomon. She rode in in a massive caravan, accompanied by a retinue and laden with treasure. She felt comfortable discussing anything with Solomon. The inquiries she had were all answered by Solomon. The Queen was impressed by his knowledge, his palace, the cuisine, the efficiency of his personnel, their attire, and their service. In fact, Solomon’s entire party was impressive. The burnt offerings at the Temple of the Lord did not escape the attention of the Queen of Sheba.

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Even though the Queen of Sheba had heard great things about King Solomon, she was blown away by his wisdom and wealth when she saw them for herself. She concluded that his subjects were happy and that his officials and servants revered his knowledge. Later, the Queen of Sheba praised Solomon’s Lord and God. It dawned on her that a good and righteous God must be the inspiration for such a nation.

As a token of her gratitude for Solomon’s wisdom and the opportunity to travel, the Queen presented him with gold, spices, and precious gems and ordered the dispatch of additional ships with red sandalwood for use in the construction of the palace. In exchange, Solomon showered the Queen of Sheba with wealth and gifts. According to the Bible, he granted her every want and prayer. You can read about the similar encounter between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon in 2 Chronicles 9, with one small addition. Gifts from King Solomon to her were supposedly more valuable than those he received from her.

Ethiopia’s Jewish population has a legend about a child born to Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. We are told that this particular son lived with his father until he was eighteen, and then with his mother in her own country. There is also the theory that Solomon presented his son with a copy of the Ark of the Covenant. As this is a storied event, its veracity cannot be verified.

A Visit from the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon Teaches Us Three Important Lessons

1. Worship God and ask for His guidance as you move forward in life.

Prayer for insight and understanding from God is a wonderful practice. This petition finds favor in his ears. He wants us to abandon our own ways of thinking and doing things in favor of studying His teachings to the fullest extent possible. The Earth and everything in it were created by Him, after all. He purposefully and methodically woven the universe together. We contribute to that goal, too. We should make it our goal to conform to His will for us.

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2. Beware of Comparing Yourself to Others.

Testing Solomon was part of the original scheme hatched by the Queen of Sheba. She probably doubted that Solomon was as wonderful as he seemed. No matter how much success we have, some individuals will always think we don’t deserve it. Because of our propensity for self-absorption and comparison, human beings are prone to jealousy. Negative self-evaluation caused by comparing one’s own situation to that of another is quickly squashed when the comparison is avoided.

3. Figure out where the good stuff comes from.

The Queen of Sheba was not only amazed by Solomon’s wisdom but also praised Solomon’s God for making his kingdom flourish. She must have known that such awe-inspiring greatness could not have originated with regular mortals. Because God, our Father, who made all the stars, is unchanging, He has given us all that is good and flawless (James 1:17).

To what extent can we practically use these insights?

  • Seek God’s guidance and insight.

Keep praying this, since every day brings new challenges that require fresh insight. Wisdom is available from our gracious God if you seek it. You can confidently ask him anything and not fear any reprimand (James 1:5 NLT).

  • You should pray for guidance and ask God to reveal new insights to you while you read the Bible each day.

All of Scripture is God-breathed and can help us see the truth and see our own shortcomings. When we make mistakes, it tells us, and it teaches us right from wrong. God employs it to make his people ready and equipped for every good job (2 Timothy 3:16-17 NLT).

  • When fortune smiles upon you, keep in mind that envious others may try to steal your good fortune from under your nose.
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For in the presence of envy and self-interest, chaos and evil of every description are sure to follow (James 3:16 NLT). Invoke the Queen of Sheba to have mercy on their hearts and transform them.

  • Find your focus on the Blessing-Giver rather than the blessings themselves.

And elevate the spiritual blessings you’ve received to the same level of importance as the material ones you’ve received. You have much to be grateful to God for. Do what the words in this classic song say: To the Almighty God, from whom come all benefits, glory; to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, praise!

Although we should be grateful for everything, the spiritual gifts Christ has given us deserve our highest regard.

God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of all the glory and honor because He has showered upon us, through Christ, every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. God foreknew us before he created the world, and he chose us in Christ to be holy and blameless in his sight. God made a prior decision to accept us as members of his family and reconcile us to himself via Jesus Christ. He found enormous satisfaction in fulfilling this desire (Ephesians 1:3-5 NLT).

Upon our death, our material possessions will be dismantled, but our spiritual blessings will endure for all of time.

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