5 Tips to Get Your Day Started Right with Jesus

5 Practices That Will Help You Begin Each Day with Jesus

Each new day is a chance to make the most of your life, and especially your spiritual life as you walk with the Lord and develop your connection with Him. We are reminded of this in Lamentations 3:22-23: “The steadfast love of the Lord never stops; his mercies never come to an end; they are fresh every morning; tremendous is your faithfulness.” While there may not be a “right” way to begin each day with Jesus, there are always fresh opportunities to grow in your relationship with Him.

1. Reading the Bible

One of the best methods to commune with the Lord first thing in the morning is to spend time reading and reflecting on God’s Word. All Scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good task” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). What a wonderful blessing it is to live in an age where we have ready access to the Word of God in our own language, for the Holy Bible is God’s precise Word to His people. We can observe God’s consistency in answering prayers from one generation to the next and connect with those who have gone before us in the faith test or answered God’s grand call because of what He has revealed to us in His Word. It is also a blessing to spend time studying the Bible with another person. As a couple, you may strengthen your relationship and come closer to God through studying together. Spending time in God’s Word together may be a method of developing Christian fellowship and learning what it means to walk through life with a fellow believer. If you want to know what God wants you to learn from His Word right now, ask Him.

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2.Keeping a Journal

Another wonderful method to begin the day drenched in the Word is to keep a prayer diary or a record of conversations with the Lord. In order for writing with the Lord to be effective, it is crucial that we allow His Holy Spirit to permeate every part of the discussion and examine every word. But when He (the Spirit of Truth) arrives, He will lead you into all truth; for He will not talk on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will declare; and He will expose to you what is to come (John 16:13). Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit to dwell inside of us and lead us into all truth. If you keep a prayer diary in which you record your pleas and thanksgivings each day, you will have a tangible record of God’s answers to your prayers. This is one way in which the Bible instructs us to reflect on God’s steadfast love: When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, as recorded in the book of Joshua, God commanded them to erect a monument of twelve stones to serve as a constant reminder of the miraculous way in which He had split the waters of the river to bring them to safety. To achieve this, we might keep a prayer journal and reflect on the times God has led us safely over dangerous seas. Thank Him in your heart and soul as you go.

3.Musical Praise

Mornings spent with the Lord should never be about what we can receive out of it so much as what we can give to Him in praise and thanksgiving. We can exalt His name by speaking words of thanks, by lifting our hands and voices in song of praise, or by any combination of these. In Psalm 96: “Sing to the LORD, laud his name; proclaim his deliverance day after day,” David says it best. Spread the word about his greatness to all the peoples, and tell them about his amazing acts. Because the LORD is magnificent and deserving of the highest acclaim, and because he is to be feared more than any other deity. Because all national religions worship idols instead of the LORD, who created the skies.

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Even when our accolades are uttered through tears, they are praises well-deserved. Listening to worship music before engaging in a spiritual practice like prayer, writing, or reading the Bible may help set the tone for the entire experience. Share your deepest, most sincere emotions with Him via singing.

4. Jesus and Coffee

Morning coffee with Jesus is one of my favorite ways to spend quality time with the Lord. Literally, “holy” means “set aside.” Through the years, I’ve come to view my morning coffee ritual as a sacred moment for communion with God. In the early hours of the day, when it’s still quiet, I like a cup of coffee while reading or writing. My quiet times with Jesus over coffee have yielded some of my most meaningful insights and interactions with him. In fact, you don’t even need coffee; a croissant adorned with Jesus or nothing at all will do. The daily time set aside as sacred to God alone is the most important thing. The coffee break might be the perfect time to hear what He has to say.

5. Jesus’s Journey with You

Many of us have dogs that need to be walked first thing in the morning, and this presents the ideal chance to spend some quiet time with Jesus. You could spend the time you would have spent listening to music or a podcast walking your dog with God instead. Use that time to pray to God or just express gratitude for the blessings of a new day. It’s important to follow the Spirit’s guidance, too, because He may take you down a road that’s both physical and metaphorical in ways you never imagined. This is a great opportunity to center yourself before the day becomes hectic, and to ask God to equip you for the tasks ahead. Having a conversation with the Lord might consist of simply going for a stroll together.

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Spending time with the Lord and inviting Him into our mornings can be done in a variety of ways; there is no single best method. One of the greatest benefits of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is that there is no one right way to devote your time to Him. Think about how you can make time for the Lord a regular part of your morning routine, or ask Him to show you how to spend time with Him that is both meaningful and enjoyable.

Divine Father,
We give You thanks for the early morning birds, who remind us that Your mercies, love, and Spirit are always present. Our hearts’ deepest longing, O Lord, is to spend undivided attention on You. Lord, reveal to us the means by which we may put this plan into effect, and provide us the means by which to do so. We come before You, Lord and Savior, praising Your Holy Name and seeking nothing else than to commune with You.
We ask this in the Sacred Name of Jesus, Amen.

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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