5 Ways to Know God Is Getting You Ready for a New Season

Five Indications It’s Time For A New Chapter

God’s timing is always correct.

When we ask for guidance and then wait for God to respond, it might feel like His plan is a puzzle we have to solve. How can we know what God wants us to do? How can we know He is listening to our supplications and making plans to alter our circumstances? Even when it seems like God is giving us the reins and telling us to figure it out, He is actually at work, even if we can’t see it.

The clues that He is about to turn the tables on us are subtle, yet they are there even if we don’t have to predict His plans. As we exercise discernment, we can learn to recognize these indications so we can pray over them and seek God to clarify His purpose to us. Listed below are a few indications that God is shifting seasons in your life.

1. You Can’t Sit Still

When God is getting you ready for a change, this is the first thing that will happen. Even if you aren’t quite sure what type of change you’re ready for, you’ll start to feel prepared for it. Also, your love for what you’re doing may begin to weaken or fluctuate. For instance, if you’ve been working in the same ministry with a burning zeal for a long period of time, but suddenly find yourself losing interest, this might be a sign from God that it’s time to relocate. Restlessness is not the same thing as exhaustion, though. Nothing outward alters, but your perspective on the situation changes. When you’re feeling restless, it’s a good idea to pray and seek God’s guidance on the matter.

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2. Some of the Doors Begin to Shut

Even while it may be discouraging, it’s possible that God is preparing something better for you behind closed doors. The Holy Spirit prevented Paul and his companions from ministering in some locations (Acts 16:6–10). Paul started trying new doors, but they all closed. Paul had a vision in which a man from Macedonia came to him pleading for assistance, and he knew at that point that God was calling them there. If you feel that God is blocking every opportunity and blessing from your life, take heart. The plans God has for you may be more ambitious. Whenever you feel like no options are left, pray that God will open one for you. Moreover, inquire of Him as to whether or not there is anything He must perform on the interior of your being before He will allow you to pass through that door.

3. The doors begin to open

Unexpected events are often the first stepping stones God provides on the path to a new season or calling. Although it may be confusing at first, the emergence of promising new avenues for exploration may be quite encouraging. The lives of Esther, David, and Joseph are just a few instances of people who were challenged by events beyond their control. Every time, it was God who was at work behind the scenes, bringing them to a new and better location of service for His glory. Pray about stepping through an open door that has appeared out of nowhere. If it’s not from God, you can ask him to shut the door. If it is, however, from Him, you should request that He keep it unlocked.

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4. You Identify a Recurring Concept

If you see a recurring theme in your life, it may be a sign from God that you are entering a new season centered around that issue. You may also find yourself carrying a burden you never felt before. A new calling may also cause you to feel interested in a field, profession, or area that previously had little interest for you. The feeling of a fresh load is God’s way of getting our attention so that we’re ready to answer a new call. Seek God’s direction and understanding if you find yourself feeling obligated to do something new or if you keep encountering the same problem. If we are diligently pursuing God, He will continually making His plan clear to us, since He doesn’t want us to be confused.

5. You Have a Unique Perspective

To prepare you for a new season, God often causes you pain. He’ll try to get you to see things from his point of view. It’s possible that you’ll begin to see familiar places, people, and things in a new light. You could be with someone and think they’re the one, for instance. You may begin to see your spouse in a new light if God is preparing you for a new romantic relationship. Even the adorable things you once thought they did start to lose their appeal. God is calling you forward, so go where He points you. It’s probably for the best if you can fight the temptation to look at the world through rose-colored glasses and just take them off. Doing so will help you identify areas for improvement. If God is giving you new sight, you should use it. Perhaps God is attempting to reveal to you a sight never before seen.

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Wait for God’s Timing

God will usher in a new era regardless of whether or not you participate in its advent. When we learn to hand up the parts of the puzzle to God, we get to sit back and enjoy the process of Him putting everything together. Maintaining a posture of prayerful surrender is essential during times of seasonal transition. He will not only accomplish His plans for us, but He will confirm, establish, and bless them above anything we could ever hope for if we keep our eyes on Him and seek His glory above our own.

There is a parallel between the changing of the seasons and the changing of our own life. To make place for the new leaves, the trees shed their old ones. For a new season to begin, God must first clear away our old ways of being. We can’t take last year’s methods into this year. The passage of time might be difficult, but when God calls, we must obey. Staying in the past will prevent us from receiving the benefits of the next season. The most important thing to keep in mind when we move into a new phase of life is that God has our best interests at heart. As we put our faith in Him and observe Him at work, we will see amazing things happen.

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