6 Steps To Reach The Peak Of Your Performance – Pastor Kumuyi

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor WF Kumuyi spoke about the peak of performance through God in a message he sent to students recently. He advised them to start a partnership with God after praying for pardon for God. He would later give them the Steps to reach the peak of performance and they are;

1. Soaring Progress

This definitely deals with acceleration. When you try to move at a particular speed, some loads weigh you down and God will take them away in the name of Jesus. To reach the peak of your performance, you need to move faster than you are before and overcome loads that could want to weigh you down

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2. Solid Platform

If you are going to reach the peak of your performance, you will definitely need a place to stand and you also need a very solid platform. When you have that solid platform under you feet, then you can launch into the peak of your performance.

3. Sufficient Provision

There will be a divine provision for all you need. Is it Accomodations, Transportation, intelligence, IQ, a good school, helpers, financiers, . God will provide them for you

4. Secured Protectio

Possibly you have an exam and there are fears in you, the man of God urged us to go up there and Excel. God’ s security is for you as you move in to accomplish God’ s will.

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5. Spotless Purity

God is pure and he expects us to be pure. The man of God however prayed for us that no enemy will be able to spot anything in your life that will make God to leave you

6. A Stable Performance

We are promised a stable, suitable, special and spectacular performance if we believe in God’ s promises and begin a very good partnership with him.

He concluded by reading the book of Luke 1: 45 which say

” And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord”

All we need to do is to believe and we shall reach the peak of our performance in the name of Jesus.

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