6 Ways to be Safe from Ritualists and Kidnappers

6 Ways to be Safe from Ritualists and Kidnappers

Following the frequent news of deaths by ritual killings and kidnap, it is no news that for some reason, a lot of people are trying to make kidnapping, ritual killing and yahoo a way of life by making it a thriving business. This evil in our society is getting rampant as we hear news of such on daily basis.

It has become imperative that we all stay safe by taking these measures;

Don’t Walk Alone: It is usually a bit more difficult to be spotted and harmed if you are walking in groups as ritualists and kidnappers would not want to be identified by witnesses.

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Inform Someone: We all need at least one person we can trust at all times. As you move from place to place, send a text to that person informing him/her of not just your whereabouts, but what is happening there and who you are there with. That way, if an alarm is raised, you could be gotten to before any damage is done.

Move Light: Try as much as possible to carry with you ONLY what you need so that you do not become an easy target when they see full bags and think you have lots of valuables with you. Also, you really do not have to always show off what you have. Be humble about your possessions.

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Study Strangers: Telling people to stay away from strangers completely might not be necessarily the best because there are strangers who have become blessings. I rather say, take time to study them in public places before getting close and personal enough to stay in private places.

Be Alert: Do not focus fully on your phone so much that you can not see or feel what is happening around you. If you are alert, you could notice some gesticulations that could signal a red flag that would help you escape on time. If you are observant, you could notice eye contacts, lip movements, songs sang, …

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Read Between Lines: Be smart enough to find hidden meanings of what is being said. “I love you and know if you give your heart to me, I’ll never be poor again” could just mean, I will be using your heart for money ritual. When you are being introduced to others, do not be swayed by every smile. Just USE YOUR INTUITION.

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