7 Ways to Have a prayer Time Together

Here Are 7 Ways to Spend Quality Time Praying.

Having a healthy relationship with the Lord requires a commitment to regular Bible study and prayer, and this is something we can all agree on. Nonetheless, weekly successes in disciplines like quiet and solitude are more elusive. It’s challenging enough to carve out some quiet time for yourself, and it’s even more of a challenge to find some alone time with your partner when you’re both busy with your own lives. The strength of a marriage depends on prayer. The likelihood that a couple will remain together increases when they pray together. Together, they intend to build a lifelong friendship by establishing a routine of sharing intimate details about their hopes, dreams, and other personal experiences with each other.

The Value of Silence and Why You Need It

Every day, like a good example, Jesus spent time in prayer and meditation. However, “Jesus frequently went out by himself to pray” (Luke 5:16). Incorporating it into one’s daily routine is a good practice that Jesus encouraged, therefore we should do the same. He made room in his routine for solitude, realizing its importance. It was crucial to meeting the demanding requirements of ministry. Listed below are six suggestions for a peaceful couple’s retreat:

1. Timetable 

The most significant change you’ll need to make is to how you spend your time. The way we use our time is important because we all have 24 hours in a day. See what fits your needs best. You should get up a half-hour to an hour earlier if you prefer mornings. While adjusting to an earlier wake-up time can be challenging at first, you may find that you have more spare time in the day after a while. Pray and ask God to multiply your time if you find yourself still pressed for time as you try to get everything done on your list. The disciples sought to feed 5,000 people with just a few loaves of bread and a few fish; if Jesus could multiply that, he can surely multiply the time in your day.

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2. Tithe 

To paraphrase Malachi 3:10: “To ensure that there is food in my home, please ring in the whole tithe to the storehouse. Put me to the test in this and see if I won’t open the windows of heaven and pour out so much goodness that you won’t have room for it all,” says the LORD Almighty.” God asks us to share what we’ve earned with him. As he did with inferior offerings from the people, God will be disappointed when we give him anything less than our best. Resolve to honor God with your first thoughts and actions. Please invest 15 minutes of your time and watch what develops. It’s possible that you’ll finish each day’s tasks early.

3. Hope for the Best

If time is still an issue, pray and ask God to show you where you may make sacrifices. God is able to accomplish much with very little. According to Matthew 14:19-21, “He thanked God, lifted the basket with the five loaves and two fish, and then broke the bread. Next, he distributed them to his followers, who in turn distributed them to the general public. When everyone had eaten to their satisfaction, the disciples gathered the leftover broken pieces into twelve baskets. About 5,000 men, in addition to the women and children, ate.” If you want to spend more time with God, you need to ask yourself: how much of your time do you have? For instance, do you frequently skip breakfast or lunch and go out for food instead because you don’t have time to make anything? A little forethought could go a long way toward helping you make the most of the time you have available. You may save time in the mornings by planning ahead. For instance, you might prepare your lunch the night before or even make extra and freeze it for the week. Is it possible to forego morning trips to the coffee shop and take evening showers instead? If you alter your calendar, you may find large chunks of time to devote to these tasks.

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4. Reward It

Despite our best efforts, we tend to focus on the things that will provide us the greatest sense of satisfaction. If there is no reason to schedule some alone time, it will likely be added to the conclusion of a hectic week. The failure to complete the task will not result in any negative consequences (or so we think.) However, the fallout weakens your spiritual life, causing you to grow more away from God. Get something nice for yourself. Make a reward for yourself if you achieve your aim of having a quiet time for a week or month, for instance, if there is something you have been wanting but can’t justify the extravagance or money. Motivating yourself with the prospect of finally reaching that long-sought-after goal will serve as the impetus you need to carve out some alone time, build some regular habits, and make progress toward that prize.

5. Permit Yourself to Enjoy It

We fool ourselves into thinking that we need to be generating something throughout our time, and this idol of busyness can stifle our time spent with God. But doing nothing but dwelling in His presence brings about numerous blessings, including spiritual fruit and a closer walk with God. Indulge yourself by spending some time with Him. Getting rid of your morning worries may help you start the day with greater concentration and clarity.

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6. Visualize It

If you already have a packed schedule, it may seem impossible to set aside a sizable chunk of time. Place your phone’s timer on the appropriate setting. Get going with a five-minute timer. Who among us couldn’t be still for five minutes? Achieving a goal is less of a challenge if you can picture yourself having already done so. After you’ve gotten the hang of five minutes, up it to ten, then fifteen, and so on until you’ve reached your very bare minimum. Rather than focusing on how much time you spend on something, focus on how well you spend that time. As long as it comes from a place of gratitude, God will accept your offering.

7. Give It Up

Maybe it’s not a lack of time that’s holding you back, but rather the priorities you’ve set for that time. When you want to have some quiet time at night, could you just turn off the TV? Is it possible for you to stop working late and establish times when your workday finishes and your free time begins? Those that manage to find a happy medium between work and downtime are the ones most likely to be able to successfully include periods of quiet time into their routines. As Christians, we shouldn’t burn ourselves out but instead give it our all for God. Maintain appropriate limits, and don’t let other priorities in your life crowd out time with God.

God longs for intimate fellowship with you. Now the question is whether or not you will prioritize time with Him. Even though the time you devote to God seems insignificant at the moment, he will keep your pledge to work on your connection. Because you trusted God with a small part of yourself, He may use you in extraordinary ways.

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