“A Billion Demons Cannot Make Me Even Think Of Running For President” Bishop Oyedepo Reveals Why

We have less than a year to go to our 2023 general elections in Nigeria, and many people have been declaring their interest in contesting for the presidential office. Over the years, we have had presidents that did not live up to the expectations of Nigerians, and many people believe that if a righteous person rules, the people will rejoice. 

However, Bishop David Oyedepo has declared that a billion demons cannot make him even think of running for office. He said this during the March edition of the Leadership Empowerment Summit for cell ministers and church workers. 

He said that rather than run for office, those who would run, would come to him to receive prayers and counsel.

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“If you tell my associates now that Papa is running, they themselves will say no,” he said. “I left the stage of desiring to run in 1984. If I join the Covenant University team to play ball, one ball they drop on my head will be the end of me.”

I guess he means that he discovered that it was not in his place to run. If you find out your place in life, you will not be distracted by something else, no matter how glamorous that thing may seem to be. 

But, personally, I would be glad to see Bishop Oyedepo become president of Nigeria. What do you think would happen if it was possible? Share your thoughts in the comments. Be blessed. 

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