A Brief Review Of The Position Of Joshua Mike-Bamiloye In Mount Zion Faith Ministries

Joshua Mike Bamiloye is the second son of the renowned gospel movie maker, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries. He is a graduate of Mass Communication from Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State of Nigeria. Among the several graphic artists and illustrators in Nigeria, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye could be said to be among the staunch creators with distinct difference. This could be seen in his various uploads of his graphic works on his social media profile pages; most especially the photoshopped pictures and illustration, which has been highly applauded by all and sundry. This could also be attested to in the juvenile movie, Jay&Josh series, which he produced. It is a youth targeted comical display of discipline and moral values in a youth’s daily activities.

He specializes in the use of up to date graphic multifunctional applications which he uses for graphic illustrations and video editing works for movie post production activities. This he has all the same infused into the several post-production works in the family’s outfit, the Mount Zion Films. His outstanding graphic works has differentiated the movies of mount Zion Faith Mission, from several other productions. The magical output of the several wonderful movies being churned out by the mount Zion ministries is the handiwork of Joshua. He is the brain behind the post-production packagings.

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(Joshua Mike-Bamiloye’s studio, where moat of the post production activities takes place)

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye over the years, according to some sources, had studied the talent in Joshua, hence, he has encouraged him in showcasing his talent in the movie productions of mount Zion ministries. At the young age of 14, he produced his first theme song for one of the Mount Zion movies. Since then, he has continued to churn out several soundtracks and theme songs that has distinct touch of expertise and professionalism. Presently, he is in charge of the graphics and video editing packagings involved in all the post-productions works of the mount Zion movies productions.

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(At work in the studio)

His position presently in the movie productions outfit of Mount Zion Ministries has everything to do with passion and professionalism. In addition to his tasky position as the editor, he is also the official saddled with the production of theme songs for all the mount Zion movie productions. His current theme song and cover is on the latest Mount Zion movie “Abejoye” series. Coupled with his family responsibilities as a married man, he is also preoccupied with the zeal and self development in order to keep the flag of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries flying high and proud. This he does by keeping his official duties well informed and updated with the latest graphic inputs for a standardized output, as obtainable in a 21st century movie productions. He is a major player in the behind the scene movie productions outfit. We could say a lot depends on him for a better output in the movie productions of Mount Zion Faith Ministries.

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Image Credits: Jay_mikee/Instagram page(Joshua Mike-Bamiloye)

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