A Church Wedding Is Not A Christian Wedding—Reno Omokri reveals why

Businessman, Lawyer, author, deep thinker, and socialite, Reno Omokri wrote an expository essay on the idea of ‘Church wedding’ on his verified Facebook page on Saturday, 3rd of April, 2022.

Reno tackled the doctrine or practice that is popular among Christians that a Christian wedding must be done in a Church and blessed by a pastor to qualify as such. He unravelled that ‘Church wedding’ and ‘Christian wedding’ are not the same. He mentioned that some people’s reason that a Church wedding is necessary is that Pastors are God’s representatives on earth. To this, he stated that parents are also God’s representatives, and there is no blessing greater than that of a parent on earth.

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Reno expounded that, according to the instruction of Christ in Matthew 18:20, if one’s parents gather in the name of Christ to bless one’s wedding in their home, Christ is there- which according to his explanation is a Christian wedding. This exposits that whenever and wherever people gather to a function in the name of Christ, Christ is present in all cases, including weddings.

He also explained that there is no record of a Church wedding in the scripture (he emphasized that the scripture and Bible are not the same things), but there are over twenty records of family weddings in the word of God.

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Reno mentioned that the word ‘Church’ does not exist in the scripture and that the word ‘Church’ existed even before Christianity, and was used to refer to a place where Greek and Roman gods were worshipped (Acts 19:37). And that the word originally used in the scripture instead of ‘church’ is ekklēsia, which means a gathering of believers but was misinterpreted by the Europeans to mean Church.

Source: Opera News

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