A Fulani Man Reveals The Mysterious Thing That Happened When He Read The Bible And Slept

A former Fulani Muslim man has in a video posted on Facebook revealed what Jesus told him after he read the Bible for the first time.

He said he met one of his Christian neighbours to give him a copy of the Bible and when he did, he opened the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah. What he saw in those passages made him think Christians believed in wrong prophets, but the encounter he had with Jesus changed that mentality. He said he slept off leaving the Bible on the ground and the Quran on the bench but woke up to see the Bible on the bench.

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He said he scolded the girl that was staying in the same house with him, thinking she was the one that put the Bible on the bench. In the process, he heard a voice speaking to him. When he turned, he saw a bright light that he has never seen before. A voice came from the light, saying, “I am the way, the truth and the life, and without me, nobody sees the Father”. At this point, he realised it was Jesus speaking to him.

Furthermore, Jesus told him that many will be saved through him and if he rejects the gospel, he and many others will go to hell. He added that there were other things Jesus told him that he cannot remember. When his people heard what happened, they began to torment him and force him to go back to his former religion, but he stood firm for Jesus.

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