A Man Was Rearing Chicken And They Kept Dying, Then Someone Gave Him My Anointed Hankerchief, And He Did This To The Chicken – Pastor Adeboye Reveals

The Almighty God can flush out of your life, everything that is causing shame if you allow the King of glory to come in. He can bless you to such an extent that you’ll say to God, “God, is this not becoming too much?” I know what I’m talking about, when God began to bless the Church and move us forward and He began to enlarge our coast and do some marvelous things for us and I was becoming frightened because God can bless you until you become frightened and I began to hear testimonies of what God is doing, I will share just one of the testimonies with you which I heard on Thursday night.

A man said he was rearing chickens and then the previous year, he started rearing chickens and just before Christmas, all the chickens died and then, he started again last year and then, one of the chickens died again. He said, what’s going on? Then somebody said, “there’s this handkerchief that Daddy anointed.

He took the handkerchief and laid it on every chicken and not a single one of them died. When you hear of that kind of anointing that can even heal chicken, it causes you to tremble a bit. When I said to the Almighty God, “I’m afraid, what’s happening?” He said, “Son, you stop living holy, I’ll stop my blessings. Continue to live holy, you haven’t seen anything yet.” Stay away from sin and you haven’t seen anything yet.

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