“A Woman OF God Had An Accident And Was Taken To The Hospital But she Refused Treament, Then This Happend To Her” – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page sends an important message to Christians about why they need to be careful about certain decisions they make as they exhibit their Christian Faith. 

It is important as Christians that we do the right thing to avoid tempting God. He then told the story of how a woman of God who had an accident refused treatment because she believed in the power of the word of God.

He said, “Some years ago, a famous woman of God in a city had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital, she protested that she should be taken away from the hospital and taken back home because she believed the Word of God is more powerful than orthodox medicine. 

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After much protest, her wish was obeyed. But she did not survive it. She died out of multiple complications that would have been attended to by medical doctors.”

According to him, she had tempted the Lord. So whatever Jesus refused to do, we must not do. He refused to tempt the Lord God, so also we must not do so.

However, he then asked, “Have you ever wondered why the Temple of God was guided by the Door Keepers? Who would steal the Ark of God anyway? Even the Chief Priest was not permitted to bump into the Holy of Holies at will, how much less a robber, a thief. 

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So who could steal the Ark? Even Uzzah who touched the Ark when they were taking it to Jerusalem was struck dead by the power of God; so, who could steal the Ark and live? Therefore, was it not useless appointing a Guard to watch over it?”

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