“A young man once sent me a message, he said he has been an internet fraudster and now he’s repented but his life does not have peace” – Pastor Paul Warns About Doing Fraud To Get Money

Pastor Paul while preaching on Sunday talked about the need for people to shun fraudulent ways to get money.

He says, Crooked deals, businesses you can’t understand, when they’re giving you the explanation of it, it is not clear, the money in it is not clear. Please be in mind, crookedness today equals wretchedness tomorrow.

Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, if he was still alive today, he would have been the most wretched person on earth, God will never bless crookedness, He will never bless unrighteousness. What God can’t give you, you don’t need it. 

What you can’t get by labor and you didn’t get by favor and you didn’t get by your godly wisdom, you don’t need it at all. All those young boys wasting their lives doing internet fraud, living big, spraying Dollars, living big lives and driving big cars.

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What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and he loses his soul? What kind of heart is it? If you stay on the computer and you begin to dupe people, I don’t understand how demonic some people are. 

You start telling people, my name is Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, while I was praying last night, the Lord told gave him a revelation about you and that revelation says that there are many enemies around your life, especially one old woman in your village and every village has old women, that us the major source of your problem. 

Now I want you to take three days of fasting but send an offering to this bank account, it is one orphanage somewhere, or somebody dying of cancer somewhere. This is the voice of the devil and there are still people who will bow for such.

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My father used to say, when somebody says your father said this without you seeing me, you should know whether your father can say such. 

You know my father can say this, he can’t say this. You understand the spiritual cycle where you’re, such a statement will never in the dream come out.

There are those who are just there, you want to steal; steal in your name. They don’t have a name, so they are using another man’s name. 

One of them sent me a message, he said he has been an internet fraudster and now he’s repented but now his life does not have peace, how can you have peace when you have caused many people to lose their peace? Some people’s life earning you took it. You know Paul the Apostle repented but he suffered because he suffered from other people.

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Was he not the one standing when they were stoning Stephen, he persecuted people, when he got saved, God said I receive your Salvation but I want you to feel what you want other people to feel. So, they stoned Paul too, they stoned him very well. 

So, you’re doing some useless things and you’re saying you will repent later, don’t worry, you will still repent but you will feel some pain. How many times did Peter suffer compared to Paul’s suffering? Where was Peter stoned? But Paul, he suffered greatly, he was permanently recounting his suffering.

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