A Young man who knows that he has the calling of God upon his life but masturbation has reduced him to tissue paper – Apostle Udechukwu Reveals How To Break Free

Apostle Edu Udechukwu, the overseer and lead pastor of the Revival Hub International spoke to his members about the efficacy and efficiency of the power of God.

He said that the ultimate purpose captured in the heart of God is that Christ should be formed in you. The formation of Chris is not possible until the day of power appears. The character of God is not possible in a man until the power comes so it is impossible to leave a character without power. 

He said that it is the power that has the ability to conform u to the image of God. The soul of man is very rebellious and there is no discipline. He said that there is no work of man and no discipline that has the capacity to cause him to conform, it will only take the energy coming from Christ. “Have you not found yourself when you want to stop sin and you cannot?” he asked. You listen to the best preaching on holiness and you come and cry for forgiveness but you find yourself doing the same thing you cried about. It is then you will understand that you need the power to cause your soul to conform. 

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He said that a young man is looking at himself and knows that he has a calling of God upon his life but masturbation and pornography has reduced him to tissue paper. He has gone for all kinds of counselling and nothing changed. He needs work and power. It is only the power of God that can make him conform to the way of God.

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