Along With The Deceased Church Volunteer, A Missing Priest’s Body Was Completely Incinerated.

Along With The Deceased Church Volunteer, A Missing Priest's Body Was Completely Incinerated.
Along With The Deceased Church Volunteer, A Missing Priest's Body Was Completely Incinerated.

The bodies of a missing priest and a deceased church volunteer were both thoroughly burned.

According to Louisiana authorities, a convicted rapist who was recently released from prison is accused of killing a retired pastor and a church volunteer, burning their bodies “beyond recognition,” and then dumping the remains in the middle of downtown Covington, a suburb of New Orleans.

According to Catholic News Service, which cited police, the victims were identified as 73-year-old parish assistant Ruth Prats and 71-year-old Catholic priest Fr. Otis Young of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Their remains were discovered last week, “burned beyond recognition,” behind a glass store.

Police revealed Antonio Donde Tyson, 49, of Covington’s arrest hours after the bodies were discovered, according to WBRZ2.

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Along With The Deceased Church Volunteer, A Missing Priest’s Body Was Completely Incinerated.

Dodson was driving a car belonging to Prats early Monday and was reportedly involved in a hit and run, WBRZ2 said, adding that detectives found Prats’ phone in a dumpster. The detectives were then able to find out what happened as they accessed surveillance video from the area.

According to WSDU, the footage showed Tyson cycling past Prats’ house on Sunday afternoon. As seen in the video, Tyson then left and parked his bike on the side of a grocery store before approaching Prats’ front door while crouching and holding what appeared to be a knife behind his back. Tyson then spoke to Prats and Young for a short while.

Young retired in July after pastoring St. Peter Catholic Church in Covington for about 10 years, and Prats was his caretaker. Police said the accused had no association with St. Peters Church.

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In a statement, Archbishop Gregory Aymond of the New Orleans Archdiocese said, “The horror of the events that have unfolded here in Covington is beyond shocking. The pain, sadness, and disbelief that something like this could happen will stay with us but particularly those who are most directly affected for a very long time.”

He recalled that Young was “a beloved pastor who touched the lives of so many with his faith, warmth, and pastoral heart.”

He declared, “This is a loss for our church and for the whole community.” “May I humbly offer that we turn to our Lord Jesus in this time of sadness for all those who are hurting and wondering how this could have happened?”

First-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping, obstructing the course of justice, resisting arrest, and illegal possession of stolen property are among the eight charges on which Tyson has been charged.

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According to The Daily Beast, Tyson was freed from a Louisiana state prison in August after being found guilty in 1993 of burglary, armed robbery, and forcible rape. He was also arrested in 1991, when he was 18 years old. He entered the victim’s home violently, sexually assaulted her while holding a gun to her head, and then, along with a companion, stole her car and dashed away.

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