“An Arab Girl Walked up to me in England And Said This Surprising Thing to Me” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

I told you a story before, we were in England for a program at the Wembley Stadium area, and we went to a hotel to be checked in at the reception area. And one Arabian Muslim girl from North Africa. I knew this later! She looked at me, and she said, ” What you have, I need it!” We don’t know from anywhere, she’s seeing me for the first time!

And I said to her, “What is it that I have that you need?”, and she said, ” I don’t know! One thing I know is that, what you have, I need it!”

We finished checking in and then went to the lounge, sat down and called her, and I asked her, “What are you talking about?” And she said, “I don’t know!

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But whatever it is that you have, I need it!” I said, “I have the Holy Ghost, I have the fire of God, I have Jesus Christ”. And she said, “Everything you said that you have, I need all of it!”

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