Anglican school chaplain who was sacked for rejecting LGBT indoctrination sends a warning against “soft authoritarianism”

soft authoritarianism
soft authoritarianism

Washington — During a chapel service, an Anglican chaplain was sacked and sent to an anti-terrorism program for preaching Christian doctrine on sexual ethics. He is now warning others about the totalitarian ideologies currently at work in the West.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think group, organized a panel on “polite persecution” at the International Religious Freedom Summit to discuss how secular abortion and gender activists are eroding religious freedoms in countries that have traditionally championed religious liberty. State-sponsored religious persecution is common.

Practitioners of faiths that adhere to more traditional views on human life, marriage, and the material realities of biological sex frequently suffer this so-called polite sort of antagonism.

The Rev. Bernard Randall, an ordained chaplain at a Church of England school, spoke of how he was reported to authorities and probed as part of a government anti-terrorism probe just over three years ago for advocating Christian sexual ethics during a chapel service.

According to Elly Barnes, founder of the LGBT education organization Educate & Celebrate, the school had asked her to a staff training session to present a new curriculum under the pretense of anti-bullying teaching, he said. He soon learned, however, that some of this training was not about bullying at all, but rather about indoctrinating LGBT ideology in children. In fact, trainers got their employees to shout about the necessity of “smashing heteronormativity.”

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Randall replied, “That’s more than just not bullying people.”

The LGBT group also educated personnel on the nine qualities, including “gender” and “gender identity,” that are legally protected in the United Kingdom. That is not the case, insisted Randall, pointing out that the transgender movement has manipulated the public into accepting these assertions.

Chapel services are a time for students to ask Randall questions about what they’ve learned from the “Educate & Celebrate” curriculum content and how they might apply it in their own organizations.

Following his remarks, he was expelled from school for serious misbehavior and turned in to the counter-terrorism program after he informed children aged 11 to 17 that they were not obligated to “support an ideology they disagree with.” Students were also encouraged to make up their own minds regarding gender identity and sexuality by him.

A student’s sexual ethics can be based on Christian sexual ethics, which states that marriage is between one man and one woman, or on LGBT activism, which advocates for equality for all people, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. He emphasized the importance of treating others with respect, even if they disagree with you.

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To define it as an interrogation, the high leadership summoned me.” “he stated. “I was placed on administrative leave. My excessive behaviour led to my dismissal from the company.”

Both Child Protective Services and an anti-terrorism agency in the United Kingdom referred Randall to their respective authorities.

Reiterating how he left the subject of whether or not he believed the claims of LGBT campaigners open-ended in his chapel speech, he stated, “I’d like to think that I’m a relatively reasonable type of man.”

In contrast, his dismissal and subsequent reporting to the government’s anti-terrorism task force revealed how far the school’s management had gone in the opposite direction.

His legal action against an English Church of England school for professing Christian ideas in a sermon during chapel service has shocked him, and he is now suing the school on religious discrimination grounds. In the intervening time, the Christian Legal Centre has taken his case on.

It is important for the Anglican chaplain to point out that religious freedom includes the right to be free from it. People should be able to be free of the Marxist progressive ideology that permeates the workplace like a religion.

West cannot defend their own religious communities from discrimination, then why should the other countries at which we might throw the finger?” he asked. “They can tell the West, ‘You’re not even taking it seriously, so why should we?”

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This is why gender ideologues won’t even entertain a dissent, Randall said when asked by The Christian Post.

Marxist-type beginnings of this sort of thing, if you look at what they view as religion — the opium of the masses — this sort of false consciousness, and they just have to educate us into genuine consciousness,” he continued.

Even if a person seems to be satisfied with his or her current set of concepts and beliefs, he or she poses a serious threat to the entire set of concepts. Everyone believes that Marxism will lead us to a new great, enlightened society, but they threaten that belief.

Trying to intimidate them with such a serious allegation is simply too much for them. Totalitarianism is the name of the game here “he went on to say.

“Soft totalitarianism” is what Randall experienced in England three years ago, whereas “hard totalitarianism” is what people in China endure.

Nevertheless, he emphasized, “the distinction between them is not as great as we might want to assume.”

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