“Any prayer you don’t start and end with this, is a nonsense prayer” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals How Believers Should Pray For It To Have Effect

The founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie spoke on “Prayer For Possibilities 2” at Salvation Ministries Home of Success, Day 2 of May Edition Week of Spiritual Empowerment.

He explained that in the Lord’s prayer, Jesus said to start by hallowing God’s name because without that Heaven is not permitted to open. It takes thanksgiving and praise to access the throne of grace. He advised them to be thankful unto him and bless His name. “No matter the challenges, no matter the problems before you, without thanksgiving God is not going to hear you,” he said. Without thanksgiving, your prayer is a protest. God will not answer because you’re fasting for 50 days, he will answer when you ask correctly.

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Speaking further, he said that fasting and prayer are to reinforce your strength for exploit but does not mean God will answer when you’re fasting if you pray wrongly. You build spiritual stamina with fasting but that does not mean God will answer you if you ask wrongly. He explained that Jesus concluded his prayer when he was teaching the disciple by saying, “Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory.” This means thanksgiving, worship, and praise.

He then said that the beginning of prayer must be with thanksgiving, worship, and praise and end it with thanksgiving before God can take cognizance of what you’re talking about. Any prayer you don’t start and end with thanksgiving is a nonsense prayer. If you want to pray: Father, I thank you and as you’re ending also say: Father, I thank you for answering my prayers, may the Lord give somebody understanding.

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