“Anywhere they are talking about big people run away” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre spoke on ‘The Flourishing Of Faith.’ During his sermon, he talked about how we can experience the transfer of the Spirit or the virtue of faith from a greater minister of God. One of the ways is by receiving, respecting, placing a value, and honouring their person.

He said that virtue flows in the direction of honour. The reason why many people cannot receive anything from the great vessels of God that God placed around them is that; there’s no respect, no value, and no honour. In front of the man, they will say, “Good Morning Sir, Yes Sir.” Behind him, they’ll wink their nose and say, “liar, he’s just lucky.”

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He said that we have a lot of eye-service operations in the world today. The very person that was the right-hand man of Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot who counted the money was the one who sold Him. When you think in that regard, at times you find it hard to know who is who but it is not possible to have honour and not connect virtue. He said that anybody you honour from your heart; you value, you respect and you receive, whatever he carries must land on you.

Speaking further, he said that all the people that are ahead of him, he honour them publicly and privately. God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, and Pastor E. A. Adeboye, he privately, publicly, and heartily honour them everywhere. He said that he honour Archbishop Benson Idahosa. They met very briefly and he asked him and his wife to come to see him in Benin that year and he passed before the time. “I honour him, even in his death today,” he said.

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Finally, he said that he has given honour to others, and if he didn’t give you, you can go and take yours. He, therefore, advised that anywhere they are talking about big people, run. Don’t even say, “I didn’t say anything.” Don’t hear it, run away. It is like the child that was asked a question; who killed Goliath?. He said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not the one.’ According to him, any pastor and church you can comfortably criticize, please run. Otherwise, all the things you will be collecting will be cursed.

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