Apostle Arome Osayi Reveals Mysterious Reason Why Believers Sleep During Prayers

The Senior Pastor of Remnant Christian Network, Apostle Arome Osayi while preaching in a video on YouTube some hours ago said that people fall asleep during prayers because, unlike talking that is natural, prayers need supernatural strength to continue. 

According to him, the key to overcoming weariness in prayers is to continue with the prayers whenever you wake up from slumber and to be consistent with it because that is what will kindle the spirit of supplication in you and make you overcome sleep.

According to the Cleric from the video, “I read a book of great men that held God. They were able to handle things that were not feasible. The common denominator that I discovered is that they fasted often and prayed much. 

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That was the only thing I got by reading the entire book and that was enough for me. From that time, I decided to pray deliberately. Some of you pray when the Holy Spirit moves you, and that is good but you must learn how to pray when you are not moved because that is better. 

Pray intentionally and deliberately. Intentional prayer is powerful because the prophet said there will be no wind or rain, yet the valley shall be filled with water (2 Kings 3:17). As I decided to fast often and pray more, it was not easy but you see prayer is a spirit and when you start praying you are calling the spirit. 

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That spirit will possess you one day, when it possesses you it becomes natural for you to pray just as it is natural for you to talk. It is supernatural to pray, to talk to the spirit you need to be strengthened in your spirit. That is why whenever you want to pray, you find yourself being overwhelmed with deep sleep”.

Speaking further, the Cleric admonishes believers to keep praying even when they do not see any physical change as a result of their prayers because at that time things are being attacked in the spiritual realm without their knowing. 

“Many of us do not stay long enough in prayers until when the energy begins to wane. Do you know how many of your gifts have been withheld in the spirit realm? How many of your things are no longer available to you? 

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How many of the ordinations that God has released have not reached you? Why are princes walking on foot while servants ride on horses? I want you to pray intentionally that God should make a way where there seems to be no way, to cause rivers to flow to the desert, and to create a highway in the wilderness”, Apostle Osayi said.

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