Apostle Johnson Suleman Has A Strong Warning For Those Who Crawl At The Night Hour

Nigerian gospel preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleman, founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry (OFM), has in a live video of his official church’s Facebook TV channel a few minutes ago, revealed what God showed him yesterday about the night crawlers.

Apostle Suleman said that he would like to give instruction to everyone based on what God showed him yesterday. He said that those who are night crawlers, that their interest and passion is to go out at night and all. He said God told him that those people should be careful.

He reemphasized that those who crawl at night should cancel their night movement. He stated that the month had a few days left and even till September. He instructed that if it is not a church or vigil, it should be canceled.

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Apostle Suleman made it clearer that what God showed him was not a positive one because there are night hunters that have been deployed during this period. He asked people to cut night crawling off their schedule totally.

He added that, in as much as God is our security and safety, wisdom is a principal thing. He said that God can deliver us from the lion’s den, but we should not walk into it.

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