Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals The Qualities A Woman Should Have That Will Stand Her Out From The Crowd

"A woman should be submissive to one man; God did not want women to be subservient to men." Apst. Suleman
"A woman should be submissive to one man; God did not want women to be subservient to men." Apst. Suleman

Generational Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry Apostle Johnson Suleman recently shared a video on some of the qualities that could best stand a woman out among the crowd. These are the qualities that best differentiate a complete woman that God and human beings respect.

As shared by the cleric, a woman must be known to be an addition to her husband in respect of the biblical quality of a woman which is a help meet for the man. According to the cleric, he has shared the qualities of a complete and unstoppable woman as someone that God depends on, men cannot ignore and that society celebrates. 

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On this, the cleric has drawn a very good example of a complete and virtuous woman from the biblical Deborah. She was a prophetess, a wife and also judged Israel. Despite her very tight schedule, she still had time to have interpersonal relationships with the people of Israel.

The cleric has condemned the lifestyle of some women that do not have a very good relationship with people around them. Some are of the mind that some other ladies could snatch their spouses from them hence they became very toxic to every other person. 

Also, the cleric has stressed one other quality of a complete and virtuous woman the ability to withstand all sorts of intimidation from everyone and everywhere. She is never moved by anything. She is focused and would ever be firmly supportive of her spouse.

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